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Economic news(2014/12/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Updated trade surplus past maximum of China

2014-12-08 22:46:00
Last month's trade balance of China, while the export of such America for grew, from the fact that imports began to decrease, surplus is more than $ 50 billion, as the trade surplus of each month became the largest ever.


Nikkeiren former chairman root Jiro Mr. death

2014-12-08 21:38:00
Root Jiro original top adviser of NYK, who served as chairman of Nikkeiren prior to integrate the Keidanren and organizations, 7 days, died. Was 86 years old.


McDonald's sales 5 months continuous double-digit decline

2014-12-08 18:50:00
Japan McDonald's of November sales, under the influence of the problems that China and Shanghai food processing company is the process the expired food use has been shipped, a decrease of more than 12 percent compared with the same month of the previous year, 5 or the month continuously and became a double-digit negative.


Drops to yen exchange rate $ 1 121 yen table

2014-12-08 18:17:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 8th of the beginning of the week, the widespread movement to sell the yen to buy dollars from the expectations for the future of the American economy, the yen has fallen to $ 1 = ¥ 121 platform.


Developed identification latest authentication device in the vein of the finger

2014-12-08 17:53:00
As with automatic ticket gate of the station, the latest authentication device from the vein just fingers holding the hand even walking can be confirmed of the person has been developed.


Stock price modest rise

2014-12-08 16:08:00
Tokyo stock market of the 8th of the beginning of the week, the Nikkei Stock Average, a temporary, but recovered the ¥ 18,000 units in about 7 years 4 months, then issued also sell order to ensure a profit, stock price eventually, became a modest rise.


Stock 一時 ¥ 18,000 units modest price movements

2014-12-08 12:00:00
Tokyo stock market of the 8th of the beginning of the week, the Nikkei Stock Average, a temporary, but recovered the ¥ 18,000 units in about 7 years 4 months, GDP = gross domestic product from July to September from such as that of the revised value is lower than expected in the market, out also sell order, the stock has been a modest price movements.


Increased in consecutive months bank loan balance 3 years 2

2014-12-08 11:30:00
Outstanding loans of banks last month nationwide, increased 2.8% compared to the last year of the same month, and exceeded the previous year in 3 years and 2 consecutive months, has continued to moderate increasing trend in companies and personal .


Begins EPA of 8th negotiations with the EU

2014-12-08 10:49:00
Toward the outline agreement in the next year, beginning in Japan and 8th of negotiations meeting of EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU = European Union, are seeking a review as EU side is a barrier to exports to Japan , it is expected that talks about the handling of the system for the food and automotive safety are carried out.


Nikkei average 一時 ¥ 18,000 base recovery

2014-12-08 09:07:00
Tokyo stock market of the 8th of the beginning of the week, that and that has spread is expected to the future of the US economy, spread orders to buy from the fact that the yen against the dollar is progressing in the foreign exchange market, the Nikkei Stock Average temporary, approximately I have recovered the ¥ 18,000 units for the first time in seven years four months.


Continued increase to this year's newly listed 80 companies of

2014-12-08 04:07:00
This year the number of companies newly listed on the domestic stock exchange, is expected to become 80 companies is increased by more than 20 companies than last year, has continued to rise against the backdrop of rising share prices.


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