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Economic news(2014/12/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Professional fund trader tighter regulation proposal

2014-12-21 14:44:00
FSA, for only a brief report on possible investment by collecting funds from individual so-called "professional fund trader", from the fact that consultation of trouble are one after another, administrative penalties, such as business stop instruction to skilled in the art that caused the problem are summarized regulations strengthening plan that incorporates doing.


The prospect of taxation on emigration unrealized gains on wealthy

2014-12-21 12:08:00
The government and the ruling party, because the assets who held such as large amount of stock is prevent it from escape taxation in a way that emigrated abroad, from next year in July, when the departure, to introduce measures to tax unrealized capital gains, such as stock is expected.


NISA exemption limit hike in adjustment

2014-12-21 04:44:00
Liberal Democratic Party Tax Commission, for the preferential tax system called was the private investors to target "NISA", in order to activate the stock market towards the regeneration of the economy, the upper limit of exemption has become a one million yen per year, year after next Heisei from 28 years we have been adjusted in the direction to raise to 1.2 million yen.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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