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Political News(2013/01/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Myanmar Minister Aso expressed support

2013-01-03 18:50:00
Visited Myanmar overseas visit will be the first, met with Thein Sein President, etc. resume near a new yen loan of 50 billion yen scale, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, as well as the new government at the ministerial of the Abe administration , I decided to clear the policy continue to support the economic development of Myanmar.


Intends to retire representative of the Party of Japan Governor Kada future

2013-01-03 05:55:00
In response to that criticism is growing from the prefectural assembly that we also serve as representative of the Party of Japan future, near, Kada governor of Shiga Prefecture, has solidified its intention to retire the representative of the party.


Enhancements Reconstruction Agency to issue

2013-01-03 04:48:00
For recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Abe administration's policy to strengthen the authority of the reconstruction agency, accelerate, but wide-ranging, among those ministries involved consists of multiple than a few, how reconstruction business reconstruction Agency It is likely to challenge is whether to strengthen the function of.


The Democratic defeat to verification "mission statement" develop full-fledged

2013-01-03 04:11:00
From this month, as well as enter the verification work of the cause of the defeat in the House of Representatives election, be earnest putting together determine the basic policies and principles of the party of the "Platform", Democrats, rebuilding of the party towards the House of Councillors election this summer You are going to want to aim to.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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