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Political News(2013/01/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

But Chief Cabinet Secretary "a new discourse also consider"

2013-01-04 19:42:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary, experts also in an interview with media outlets, did on it and take over the discourse of Murayama, former Prime Minister expressed his deep remorse for its colonial rule and aggression in the past, put a new discourse in the 21st century has shown the idea that you want to consider opening the meeting with.


Giving personal letter of Prime Minister Nukaga Mr. Park Kune Mr.

2013-01-04 18:27:00
And met with Park Kune who was elected new president of South Korea, forehead Saga former finance ministers of the Liberal Democratic Party are visiting South Korea, was handed a personal letter of Prime Minister Abe to call want to build a good bilateral relationship whereas, did on that it is necessary to face up to the historical issues, Mr. Park, showed the idea that efforts to improve relations between the two countries.


Abe's "new nuclear power plants examined over time"

2013-01-04 17:05:00
The press conference when the beginning of the year in Ise, Mie Prefecture, Abe Prime Minister, in terms of next year = about 25 fiscal budget 2008, said, "Cut the waste of spending you have blisters in the Democratic administration, you want to prioritization boldly," said I showed the idea that the aim of the government draft decision by the end of this month. Also for the construction of new nuclear power plant, Prime Minister Abe has said, "over some time, you want to consider sat down," he said.


"Political School and Your Party" Restoration Chief Secretary

2013-01-04 15:48:00
Told reporters, in order to proceed with the election cooperation with Your Party in the Upper House election this summer, Matsui secretary general of Nihon'ishin'nokai showed thought both parties would like to establish a political school jointly.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest extradition refusal

2013-01-04 15:07:00
For that it has issued a reject decision to hand over to Japan the custody of Chinese man suspected the court of South Korea, set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo two years ago has been having, Kaai permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 4th , I have to protest Ambassador of South Korea.


"Not the Liberal landslide victory" Kaieda representative

2013-01-04 14:47:00
It said Kaieda representative of Democratic Party press conference in Ise, Mie Prefecture, towards the House of Councillors election, "in the mind of common called" not overwhelming victory in the "Liberal Democratic Party, I want to aim to Datong while leaving the minor differences," said the other has shown the idea that we want to strengthen the cooperation with the opposition.


Confrontation with the Abe Cabinet to Fukushima leader upper house election

2013-01-04 13:41:00
Greeting of work the beginning of the party, for the Abe Cabinet, criticized it as "trying to promote the nuclear power plant and to corrupt the Constitution", Fukushima leader of the Social Democratic Party is the idea of ​​going increasingly confrontational attitude towards the House of Councillors election this summer showed.


"The reconstruction and mobilize collective effort" Miyagi Prefecture Governor Murai

2013-01-04 13:20:00
The 4th of work the beginning of the government, Murai governor was called to be "Let's promote the reconstruction of the earthquake by mobilizing the collective effort of Miyagi prefecture" in the Miyagi prefectural government.


Reconstruction phase "political backup entirely"

2013-01-04 11:54:00
Performs Inspirational before the staff when beginning work of reconstruction agency, and said, "when the problem of silos ministries came out, politics is going to back up across the board," said root reconstruction minister, the most important of the Abe Cabinet I have emphasized the attitude that we are working on reconstruction as a challenge.


Formally expressed Kada governor Party representative resignation

2013-01-04 11:36:00
Was formally expressed the idea that by Kada governor of Shiga Prefecture greeted at work the beginning of the prefectural government, and you want to concentrate on the management of the prefectural government, to resign the representative of the Party of Japan future by itself was formed.


To South Korea Prime Minister special envoy, the Liberal Democratic amount Kaya and his colleagues

2013-01-04 10:37:00
In order to hand over a personal letter of Prime Minister Abe in a meeting with Park Kune, who as a special envoy of Prime Minister Abe, was elected the new president of South Korea, the morning the 4th, forehead Saga former finance ministers of the Liberal Democratic Party, was starting to Seoul .


Or called into question the abduction issue strategy making

2013-01-04 04:15:00
Of North Korea policy, is going to want to give our best towards the resolution of the abduction issue was no progress in the Democratic Party, especially among the aging of the family of the victim proceeds, Abe administration, the attitude of North Korea It is likely to be asked to assess the while, it is advanced or what kind of strategy making.


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