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Political News(2013/03/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

The need for strengthening defense capabilities in mind, such as the movement of China

2013-03-16 20:39:00
At a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party, and said, "Among the sense of crisis future, that might be the parties of the conflict, we must create a security system," said Onodera Minister of Defense, the movement of ocean expansion of China in mind, such as, I showed a recognition that we need to strengthen the defense force.


To correct the effects of Hosono secretary general TPP

2013-03-16 19:27:00
In connection with the fact that a press conference in Niigata City, Prime Minister Abe has expressed negotiating participation in TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, what Hosono secretary general of the Democratic Party, impact the safety of agriculture and food of Japan TPP or give, we showed the idea to go positive and Diet deliberations.


Large-scale opposition rally in TPP Yamagata

2013-03-16 18:30:00
In response to that Prime Minister Abe has expressed negotiating participation in the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the 16th, and Chamber of Commerce organizations and agricultural cooperatives in Yamagata prefecture opposition to this was to open the meeting on a large scale.


To 50 billion yen surplus contribution to African security measures

2013-03-16 17:46:00
For growth and prosperity in Africa, as it is necessary to establish peace and stability, Kishida Foreign Minister have visited Ethiopia, refugee assistance and security measures, such as Mali fighting continues in and around Somalia civil war condition persists Because of such, it was announced that it is to contribute more than 50 billion yen.


The "protect point should defend" Chief Cabinet Secretary TPP

2013-03-16 16:54:00
Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary, about having to stump speech in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Prime Minister Abe has expressed negotiating participation in TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and to observe firmly point to be protected ", so that there is no anxiety to the public It was "said to fulfill the revival of the Japanese economy.


TPP LDP to consider promotion of agriculture

2013-03-16 07:06:00
Not only ask that receives that Prime Minister Abe has formally expressed the negotiating partners of TPP = Pacific Partnership Agreement, with the exception of the elimination of tariffs and agricultural and marine products such as wheat and rice, the Liberal Democratic Party is promoting exports of agricultural and marine products It has to be discussed in earnest promotion measures such as agriculture.


Foreign Minister to support Africa declared Description

2013-03-16 06:50:00
Visited Ethiopia from the 16th, at TICAD = Conference on African Development to be held in Yokohama in June to ministers of African countries, Kishida Foreign Minister "Yokohama a policy of Japan to support the essential, such as infrastructure development to the growth of Africa It has to be illustrative of the policy that come up as a declaration ".


Blank period to challenge global warming government

2013-03-16 04:10:00
Government has a cabinet decision review of amendments to make a new plan of global warming. However, it takes time to develop the plan, it means that there is no concrete plan "window period" can be, it can make a big issue is whether you can continue the efforts that are effective In the meantime the government.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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