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Political News(2013/03/28)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

The recommended sectioning draft of the House of Representatives "0 up down 5"

2013-03-28 23:00:00
Based on the law five fit in less than twice the gap to one vote by reducing the "0 up 5 down" a small constituency, council of government to consider the sectioning of small constituencies of House of Representatives, 42 of the 17 prefectures For constituency, I was recommended to Prime Minister Abe amendments to seek a review of the sectioning. In court over the gap to one vote of the House of Representatives election last year, based on the fact that such judgment of "election invalid" 's after another, next month, submit to the Diet a bill along with the recommendations, the government and the ruling party, rapid establishment It is a policy that aims to.


Regulatory review indicated in the IT Strategy Headquarters

2013-03-28 21:51:00
The government, to open the meeting of "IT Strategy Headquarters" for the first time Abe Cabinet after the inauguration, in helping said, "IT Strategy's pillars of growth strategy," said Abe Prime Minister overall sales of a marketed drug using the Internet was instructed to towards the lifting of the ban, such as, to consider a review of the regulations.


New year provisional budget is passed through the House of Representatives

2013-03-28 16:42:00
Passed by a majority in the House of Representatives plenary session of the 28th, the provisional budget for FY2013 new year = Heisei, was sent to the House of Councillors.


Agreement with New Komeito House of Representatives electoral system proposed revision

2013-03-28 16:09:00
Secretary-General from the Liberal Democratic Party-New Komeito party talks, for review of the electoral system of the House of Representatives, did on reducing the constant of proportional representation, to be allocated to political parties low percentage of votes for 60 seats out of the remaining seats of proportional representation It is now that it agreed to the ruling party proposed a plan that was like, to consult open the secretary general meeting of the three parties, including the Democratic Party on the 29th.


Komei adult guardianship amendment before the House of Councillors election

2013-03-28 12:44:00
In relation to that the government has appealed to the judgment that you brought this one home for the "adult guardianship", was "the provisions of the Public Offices Election Law to lose the right to vote guardian is get to violate the Constitution," said Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito, that I showed the idea before the Upper House election in the summer, that we should make a law revision that allows the right to vote can have the guardian.


To attempt to correct disparities promptly to one vote Prime Minister

2013-03-28 12:16:00
In the House of Representatives Budget Committee, at the trial of a series against the disparity of the so-called one vote of the House of Representatives election of last year, about the decision of "unconstitutional" and judgment of "election invalid" was issued one after another, Prime Minister Abe is, small we showed the idea of ​​it is established as soon as possible a bill to review the sectioning of the electorate, promote the correction of disparities.


"0 up down 5" sectioning revised draft recommendation today

2013-03-28 06:27:00
Toward the disparities of one vote of the House of Representatives election, the 28th, the Council of Government, Prime Minister Abe amendments of sectioning under the laws to correct the disparity by reducing five small constituency of "0 up 5 down" We are in and to make recommendations to the Minister.


Charter announced Yokohama "special autonomy city"

2013-03-28 06:05:00
Outline of the plan of "special autonomy city" that is aimed at founding is Yokohama with the aim of eliminating the so-called double government unity, Yokohama Ninaeru with centralized inherited from county business or authority in such employment measures or child care support so, we have decided to work on and prefectural country.


Consent of the personnel proposal upper house of two subtle

2013-03-28 05:15:00
Personnel draft of inspectors of the General Accounting Office and the Commissioner of the National Personnel Authority, which was presented to the National Assembly earlier, a policy of Nihon'ishin'nokai and Democrats, such as Your Party oppose the government, 29 in the Upper House that the opposition is the majority It is a delicate situation or obtain consent in the vote, which is also carried out on the day.


Strengthening works on the TPP negotiating partners such as rice

2013-03-28 04:23:00
As you tour the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, ministers are meeting on the 27th, check the system towards the negotiating partners, it is possible to obtain the consent of the negotiating partners from such as the United States, decided to strengthen the lobbying against and the United States have.


But Chief Cabinet Secretary "also birth rate 2.0 goals"

2013-03-28 01:01:00
At a press conference in the afternoon on the 27th, and reaffirmed the need for "measures to address the declining birthrate and the aging population, do not do not spurred the measures, and increase the number of healthy elderly, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, measures to extend the healthy life expectancy I mentioned the need to tackle the government also is "certain. Only then does it but I think it's one idea. Be challenging to set a target of "birth rate 2.0 also, when you set a numeric value, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, opinion" Children that "not intended to lay that way also be issued , it was stated that is not the case you are saying that. to discuss the declining birthrate measures to curb population decline, going to show the direction of the "'s important.


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