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Political News(2013/04/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Even in public utility charges common number system future

2013-04-03 20:59:00
In the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee, allocate a number to each and every individual in the country for the "common number system", towards the improvement of convenience, Integrated Reform Minister and tax Amari social security, such as payment of utility bills in the future we showed the idea that you want to consider also be used to.


All the measures to Prime Minister abduction problem solving

2013-04-03 20:36:00
Open the first meeting of experts meeting which was established under the abduction issue Headquarters, asked to proposals actively towards problem solving from the point of view "professional, government, considering all measures also government Prime Minister Abe It was said that "I want to.


Match the net election ban bill Modify consultation

2013-04-03 18:59:00
Correction consultation bill to ban the campaign using the Internet, about to admit to voters of the general election campaign by e-mail, such as the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, an "appropriate measures in national elections after the Upper House election in the summer matched policy to incorporate additional rules that it is assumed "take.


Discussion to continue sectioning review bill

2013-04-03 18:51:00
In around the disparity of one vote of the House of Representatives election, Secretary-General, Secretary General of the 10 party ruling and opposition parties met, the ruling side, deliberations early bill to review the sectioning under the laws of the small constituency of "0 up 5 down" whereas sought to enter, as such as "not enough to correct disparities", opposition parties with the exception of the new party reform showed the idea to oppose.


Understanding the relocation to the Chief Cabinet Secretary Nago Henoko

2013-04-03 16:27:00
The meeting with Nakaima governor visited Okinawa for the first time after taking office, for the United States military Futenma base, whereas sought relocation to outside the prefecture Nakaima Governor Again, Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary, but Chief Cabinet Secretary, to the south of Kadena Air Base in terms that emphasize the idea of ​​aiming the return of some military facilities, and sought to understand the relocation to Henoko in Nago.


Inspirational cites Prime Minister Mr. Nagashima

2013-04-03 14:55:00
Cites Nagashima Honorary Life director of professional baseball giants attended the opening ceremony of the joint training of the national civil service career track, to award the People's Honor Award, Prime Minister Abe is in front of you to define smaller "defensive range We Inspirational rather than escaping from problems, and "want aggressively.


To the 5th vote governor of the Bank of Japan's cases

2013-04-03 13:38:00
Diet affairs chief of the Democratic Party and the Liberal Democratic Party is met, the 9th or later next week, for the personnel proposal to appoint again over a period of 5 years, 5 days, listening to the belief from Kuroda in the Committee on Rules and Administration of both houses, the President Kuroda of the Bank of Japan After you, we agreed to conduct the vote in the plenary session of both houses of the Diet.


The adjustment in Nichishirushi summit in late next month

2013-04-03 06:22:00
Entered an adjustment in the direction of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has visited Japan in late next month, a summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe, both governments of Japan and India, in mind China is made to actively the movement of ocean expansion , is expected to make sure that you continue to strengthen cooperation in areas such as security.


Adjust to meet with former Prime Minister Fukuda 習主 seat

2013-04-03 05:06:00
Attended the economic forum to be held in Hainan Island of China from the 6th of this month, in which former Prime Minister Fukuda has been adjusted in the direction of meeting with Xi Jinping Jintao of China.


To visit Okinawa but Chief Cabinet Secretary today

2013-04-03 04:36:00
The 3rd, but the Chief Cabinet Secretary, that you visit the Okinawa Prefecture for the first time after he took office, and met with Nakaima governor, explains the policy of the government actively working to as well as the relief of the base burden, to be relocated to Nago Henoko the Futenma base It is to be requested to understand.


It called attention to the bird flu Japanese nationals in China

2013-04-03 04:07:00
For avian influenza virus infection to humans has not been confirmed so far in the "H7N9 type", health authorities of Jiangsu Province in East China, announced infection of 4 people were newly confirmed. This infected people in China become seven to match, 2 of whom have died. To the Japanese that residence, Consulate-General of Japan in Shanghai, has been called to receive medical attention promptly if symptoms of respiratory distress and high fever were observed. Also, along with the call so that it does not touch or closer to livestock and birds carelessly, then gargle and wash, pay close attention to hygiene management, and to implement measures to request it, such as a mask in the crowd if necessary have. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, considering that it is out of order to inform quickly that even towards the Japanese are planning to travel to China, important matters related to safety has put the "spot information", to carry out caution we have.


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