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Political News(2013/10/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Match in the municipality cooperation Okinawa and US military site of user countries

2013-10-24 23:13:00
By Council of the local government and the country to consider the former site use of American military facilities in Okinawa was held in the Cabinet Office, to the realization of smooth the site use that lead to the promotion of Okinawa, to tackle both work together matched.


To the National Security Council deliberations bill containing

2013-10-24 22:26:00
Member of the House of Representatives Steering Committee formally that for legislation to create a National Security Council by the Board, open the House of Representatives plenary session on the 25th, followed by question and intent description Abe Prime Minister also attended, to deliberation into I decided to.


Come Nago mayoral election Futenma relocation focus

2013-10-24 21:32:00
It means that the mayoral election in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture in January next year, as the opposition candidate for the incumbent against the relocation to Nago American military Futenma, Okinawa Prefectural Assembly lawmakers to candidacy, the focus of the maximum the pros and cons of relocation plan It was a prospect that, the election campaign unfolds.


Thanks to the support of the governor to INOSE Oshima

2013-10-24 21:09:00
Meeting to discuss such issues governor from the county which is adjacent to the Kanto region are common was held in Tokyo, INOSE governor of Tokyo residents fire brigade of each province in Oshima town of Izu sediment major disaster has occurred It showed his gratitude about who have supported me the rescue activities.


Reflect on contaminated water measures of DPJ

2013-10-24 19:17:00
At a press conference, is related to the contaminated water problem of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Noda regime of the time, Ohata secretary general of the Democratic Party drastic countermeasures emergency basis at the stage of a "convergence Declaration" in December two years ago It pointed out that I should review the basis, it was said, "as Democrats, do not have to reflect a great deal," he said.


Recommendations competition conference set-aside policy abolished

2013-10-24 17:01:00
In agriculture subcommittee of industrial competitiveness meeting of government, recommended the abolition of the subsidy system that experts lawmakers have paid production adjustment of rice, and so-called set-aside policy, farmers of wheat and rice, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries side , I showed the idea to consider the review.


"No problem prime minister mobile" intercept

2013-10-24 13:22:00
At a press conference in the morning, in relation to that you have to clear and there is a possibility that the German government has been the subject of interception of intelligence agencies in the United States mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel, but Chief Cabinet Secretary of Prime Minister Abe I showed the recognition that no problem is mobile phone.


"Wage increases in the reconstruction corporation tax abolished"

2013-10-24 12:31:00
For that the basic question of the Upper House Budget Committee, and is considering the abolition of one year ahead of schedule of special reconstruction corporation tax, Prime Minister Abe is a big point is that understanding of the management measures of "unusual It said "he, it was urged that it will lead to raising the wages in corporate side.


Ji Min draft of contaminated water Special Measures Law

2013-10-24 05:37:00
In contaminated water problem of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, as well as the direct control business in the country measures to control the outflow of contaminated water, Investigation Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party, at any time a country is measured and radiation dose of the primary peripheral We have documented the draft of the bill that incorporate and be published.


To the adjustment of net sales stuffed medicine

2013-10-24 05:06:00
In around the sale of a marketed drug using the Internet, the government, one of the opinion that we should recognize the sales through the period of four years for drug assessment of the risks of side effects has not been determined, and lifting of the ban in a shorter period opinion that asks for is out, we have that but Chief Cabinet Secretary colleagues to adjust the nails.


Intellectual property working group from TPP Today

2013-10-24 04:38:00
In the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Working Group of the "intellectual property" field, held in Tokyo from the 24th, for Japan, chaired by, and protection of such patents towards negotiations conclusion of the year, to difficulties It becomes the issue is whether you can tour the, far to advance the talks.


Miyakojima to the land-to-sea missile troops

2013-10-24 04:04:00
Self-Defense Forces, was announced in major exercises next month, and to deploy for the first time in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, the land-to-sea missile troops to fire towards the vessels offshore from the coast.


And note the proposal of mitigation measures Shaho-shin expansion

2013-10-24 00:08:00
Social Security Council medical insurance Subcommittee of an advisory body to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare is opened on the 23rd, for national health insurance, such as self-employed persons to join, review proposals from the next fiscal year, to expand the mitigation measures of premium household income is low But it was approved.


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