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Political News(2021/12/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Meeting with former Prime Minister Abe, Prime Minister Kishida, exchanging opinions on the government's response to the Beijing Olympics

2021-12-23 19:52:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with former Liberal Democratic Party Prime Minister Abe and exchanged views on what Japan should do in light of the fact that many countries have announced that they will not send government officials to the Beijing Olympics next year. ..


To withdraw the dispatched research team to determine the evacuation support for Japanese residents in Ethiopia

2021-12-23 19:31:00
In Ethiopia, Africa, where the fighting between government forces and ethnic minorities continues, the government has sent an investigation team to neighboring Djibouti, where the Self-Defense Forces are based, to determine whether it is necessary to support the evacuation of Japanese residents. , Announced that it will be withdrawn as it has completed the work of collecting information that is possible at this time.


Confirmation of the policy for submitting a bill that incorporates the idea of ​​protecting the rights of self-public children

2021-12-23 19:07:00
While the government is aiming to establish a "Children's Family Agency," the Liberal Democratic Party and Komei Party's child policy practitioners met and confirmed the policy of submitting a bill that includes ideas for protecting children's rights. ..


Deputy Governor Komatsu of Yamaguchi Prefecture and others suspected of soliciting to the candidate supporters' association in the lower house election

2021-12-23 19:06:00
A total of three people, including Deputy Governor Kazuhiko Komatsu of Yamaguchi Prefecture and two executives of Yamaguchi City, applied for membership in the supporters' association of candidates who ran for the Yamaguchi 3rd district over the election of members of the House of Representatives held in October. On the 23rd, police documented three people on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Act, which prohibited them from conducting election campaigns using the position of civil servants, saying that they had distributed the book to their subordinates and solicited officials from prefectures and cities. I sent it to you.


Former Secretary General Ishihara, Liberal Democratic Party, fully refunded the employment adjustment subsidy and apologized

2021-12-23 17:04:00
Former Secretary General Ishihara of the Liberal Democratic Party, who had previously resigned from the Special Advisor to the Cabinet, announced that he had returned the full amount of the employment adjustment subsidy of 600,000 yen that the representative party branch had received.


Prime Minister Kishida Actively supports corporate support to raise wages "Wage increase tax system" to drastically strengthen

2021-12-23 15:10:00
Prime Minister Kishida greeted at a meeting of Keidanren executives and drastically strengthened the "wage increase tax system" to support companies aggressively raising wages toward the realization of "new capitalism" through a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution. After that, I asked for cooperation in raising wages for employees.


National Tamaki representative to the upper house election hurry to establish a local organization 1 person ward also holds candidates

2021-12-23 14:16:00
Regarding the House of Councilors election next year, Democratic Party for the People's Representative Tamaki hastened to establish an organization in areas where there are no local organizations in order to increase the number of seats, and actively aims to support candidates even in a one-person district with a capacity of one person. I showed my thoughts.


Constitutional Court “Held and discussed during budget bill deliberation” Komeito North Constitutional Investigation Chairman

2021-12-23 13:36:00
Regarding the constitutional debate in the Diet, the Komeito's chairman of the Northern Constitutional Research Committee will steadily hold a weekly regular day of the Constitutional Research Committee to discuss the constitutional debate, even during the deliberation of the budget bill for the next fiscal year at the ordinary session of the Diet, which will be convened next month. He showed the idea that he should go.


Prime Minister Kishida Liberal Democratic Party Deputy Governor Aso and Secretary General Motegi talks over administration

2021-12-23 12:56:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with Deputy Governor Aso and Secretary General Motegi at the Liberal Democratic Party Headquarters on the morning of the 23rd, and discussed future administration management such as the ordinary Diet session to be convened next month and the response to the Upper House election next summer.


Revision of National Security Strategy Reflecting LDP Recommendations in Government Review Prime Minister Kishida

2021-12-23 12:31:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with members of the Liberal Democratic Party's Security Investigation Committee and expressed his intention to reflect the party's recommendations for revisions such as the national security strategy to be finalized by May next year in the government's review. ..


Estimated damage from a huge earthquake and tsunami Mayor of Kushiro and others request revision of the law to strengthen countermeasures

2021-12-23 11:50:00
Mayor Kushiro and Mayor Nemuro of Hokkaido met with Prime Minister Kishida after the announcement of damage estimates for a huge earthquake and tsunami in the "Kuril Trench" and "Japan Trench" offshore from Hokkaido to Iwate Prefecture. Requested an early revision of the relevant legislation to strengthen the measures.


Air Self-Defense Force next fighter aircraft joint research with the UK and engine will start next month

2021-12-23 06:02:00
Regarding the development of the next fighter aircraft of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, the Ministry of Defense will start joint research on engines with the United Kingdom from next month.


Liberal Democratic Party Abe, Aso, Motegi talks to confirm unity to stabilize the administration base

2021-12-23 04:38:00
Former Prime Minister Abe, Deputy Governor Aso, and Secretary General Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party met on the night of the 22nd, and the three factions led by each will unite to support the Kishida administration and at the election of the House of Representatives next year to stabilize the administration base. We agreed to aim for the victory of.


Government Omicron Co., Ltd. To strengthen measures to prepare for the first confirmation of community-acquired infection and spread

2021-12-23 01:29:00
Following the first confirmed infection of the Omicron strain in Osaka Prefecture, the government has notified each prefecture to hurry to secure accommodations and beds for waiting, and the infection will spread in the future. Our policy is to further strengthen measures to prepare for the situation.


Government proposes action plan to realize "flying car" for Expo

2021-12-23 01:27:00
For the 2025 Osaka / Kansai Expo, the government has put together a draft of the "action plan" that each ministry and agency will work on, and after conducting a demonstration experiment for two years from the next fiscal year toward the realization of a "flying car", It includes demonstrations at the Expo venue.


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