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Political News(2021/12/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Digital Garden City National Concept" Digitalization to create a sustainable region

2021-12-25 06:49:00
Regarding the measures for the realization of the "Digital Garden City National Concept" set by Prime Minister Kishida, a draft of the overall picture has been clarified, and digitalization will be promoted in fields such as medical care, education, and disaster prevention to create a sustainable area. I'm going to proceed.


Focus on containment of government Omicron stocks If the infection spreads, there will be restrictions on behavior

2021-12-25 06:18:00
Following Osaka and Kyoto, a new community-acquired infection of Omicron strain was confirmed in Tokyo on the 24th. The government has a policy of not taking measures such as behavior restriction at this stage, but in the future, if the infection spreads, it will take measures to restrict behavior flexibly.


Beijing Olympics Government officials dispatched off Sending some consideration to China

2021-12-25 04:53:00
Regarding the response to the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics next year, the government has decided not to dispatch government officials such as ministers. We do not use the expression "diplomatic boycott", but we also give some consideration to China, and we will continue to respond carefully while keeping an eye on the trends of each country.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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