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Political News(2021/12/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

New adults The record low of 1.2 million people Is it due to the declining birthrate and the decrease in international students?

2021-12-31 17:01:00
The number of new adults celebrating the New Year at the age of 20 is 1.2 million, the lowest since 1968 when the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications began to estimate, and has fallen below 1% of Japan's total population for 12 consecutive years.


Document transportation expenses “Mandatory disclosure” to the ruling and opposition party talks Focus on whether it can be agreed

2021-12-31 04:53:00
The review of the so-called documentary transportation expenses paid to members of the Diet every month is expected to start discussions at the ordinary Diet session in 2022, and the ruling party is cautious about whether to oblige the disclosure of usage. The focus is on whether the side and the opposition party aiming for early realization can come to terms with each other.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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