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Political News(2022/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Maki Misaki, member of the House of Representatives, has a career description that is different from the fact in the House of Councilors election bulletin three years ago

2022-05-06 21:31:00
Mayor Kawamura of Nagoya City is suspicious of the fact that Maki Misaki, a member of the House of Representatives who stood in the Upper House election three years ago, was a "part-time lecturer" at the university, which was mentioned in the election bulletin at that time. I showed the recognition. "She went to college as a lecturer. Her lack of awareness," explains Misaki's office.


Accepting foreign tourists Considering gradual resumption from next month Government

2022-05-06 21:28:00
The government is considering gradually resuming the acceptance of foreign tourists visiting Japan from next month. The policy is to carefully assess the infection situation in Japan and overseas after the Golden Week holidays, and then decide on the final response.


Strongly opposed to China's Prime Minister Kishida's press conference "It is making a noise about the threat of China"

2022-05-06 20:39:00
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said at a press conference that Prime Minister Kishida, who had been visiting Southeast Asia and Europe, said, "We must not allow unilateral changes in the status quo by force," with China in mind as it strengthens its supremacy. "The Japanese side is making a noise about the so-called threat of China," a spokesman said.


Inauguration Ceremony of President-elect of South Korea Foreign Minister Hayashi attends as special envoy of Prime Minister Kishida

2022-05-06 19:04:00
Before the inauguration of the next president of South Korea will be held next week, the government has announced that Foreign Minister Hayashi will attend as a special envoy of Prime Minister Kishida. Based on Japan's consistent position, Minister Hayashi expressed his intention to communicate closely with the new government in order to improve Japan-South Korea relations.


House of Representatives "10 increase 10 decrease" Tokyo side requests not to divide into 3 in one municipality

2022-05-06 17:09:00
In order to reduce the number of single-seat constituencies in the House of Representatives by 10, the number of constituencies in Tokyo will increase by 5 according to the ward allocation plan compiled by the government council. The Tokyo side is requesting not to divide it into three because many local governments have two constituencies and the election work becomes more complicated.


Prime Minister Kishida returns to Japan on the afternoon of the 6th after visiting Southeast Asia and Europe

2022-05-06 15:51:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who had visited Southeast Asia and Europe, returned to Japan on the afternoon of the 6th after completing a series of schedules.


Introducing the party's priority policies for the Upper House election in the summer of the Meiji Restoration with manga

2022-05-06 12:55:00
For the summer Upper House election, the Nippon Ishin no Kai has created a booklet that introduces the party's priority policies in manga.


Prime Minister Kishida on an overseas visit announces new sanctions on Russia on his way home

2022-05-06 04:42:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who had been visiting Southeast Asia and Europe, completed a series of schedules and left the last country of his visit, the United Kingdom, on the early morning of the 6th of Japan time, and returned to Japan. Prior to this, Prime Minister Kishida announced new sanctions against Russia at a press conference.


Japan-UK Summit Meeting “Do not allow power to change the status quo” With Russia and China in mind

2022-05-06 00:38:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who is visiting the United Kingdom, held a summit meeting with Prime Minister Johnson and agreed that unilateral changes in the status quo by force would not be allowed in any part of the world, with Russia and China in mind. In addition, in order to strengthen security cooperation between the two countries, the Self-Defense Forces and the British Army have reached a general agreement to conclude an agreement to facilitate joint training.


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