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Political News(2023/05/01)

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Prime Minister Kishida arrives in Ghana for summit meeting

2023-05-01 21:50:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who is currently visiting Africa, has arrived in Ghana, his second destination. At the summit meeting with President Akufo-Addo, both of them are non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, so they are expected to exchange views on strengthening the functions of the UN and reforming the Security Council.


The new mayor of Ashiya City, Ryosuke Takashima, takes office for the first time.

2023-05-01 19:41:00
Ryosuke Takashima, the new mayor of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, who was inaugurated at the age of 26, the youngest mayor in history, made his first appearance at the office. said.


Prime Minister Kishida visits South Korea from 7th of this month to make final adjustments Summit meeting with President Yoon

2023-05-01 17:41:00
Prime Minister Kishida visited South Korea for two days from the 7th of this month after returning to Japan from a tour of Africa and other countries, and entered into final coordination with the intention of holding a summit meeting with President Yoon Sung-yeol.


Prime Minister Kishida leaves for Ghana to exchange views on Security Council reform, etc.

2023-05-01 15:46:00
Prime Minister Kishida, who was visiting Egypt, finished his summit meeting with President Sisi and left for Ghana, his next destination. Since Ghana is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, it is expected that the leaders will exchange views on issues such as Security Council reform at the summit meeting on May 2.


“Career bureaucrats” Promoting the expansion of mid-career hiring from private companies

2023-05-01 06:07:00
As the number of people who aspire to become so-called "career bureaucrats" continues to decline, President Kawamoto of the National Personnel Authority expresses a sense of crisis about the current situation and intends to promote work style reforms and expand mid-career hiring from private companies. showed.


Prime Minister Kishida visits the Grand Egyptian Museum under construction with Japanese assistance

2023-05-01 05:43:00
During his visit to Egypt, Prime Minister Kishida visited the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is being constructed with assistance from Japan, and expressed the idea of ​​building cooperative relationships between the two countries in various fields, including culture, infrastructure development, and the economy. emphasized.


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