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Economic news(2014/01/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

The large store opened in ion Vietnam

2014-01-11 17:54:00
The 11th, and opened a shopping mall for the first time in Vietnam that economic growth continues, immediately, ion distribution giant crowded many people visited the shopping.


Bathhouse price increases also in Nagano, such as oil prices

2014-01-11 11:30:00
Entrance fee for the bathhouse, Council of Nagano Prefecture became the thing to be considered in the direction of the price increases admit. In Nagano Prefecture public bathhouse business life health Brotherhood, we are talking about "management do not want to increase the burden of severe. Users fuel costs rise, but you want to survive the bathhouse somehow," he said.


Modest decline received NY stock employment statistics

2014-01-11 07:47:00
From the fact that growth in the number of workers was far below market expectations in employment statistics of the last month of the United States, a cautious view on the employment situation in the United States spread, the New York stock market of the 10th is, in a modest drops the Dow Jones Industrial Average became.


HR unusual in FRB Vice Chair nomination

2014-01-11 07:22:00
Vice Chair of the following to support the Ieren new chairman of FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank, President Obama of the United States, announced the personnel of unusual to nominate the president in front of the Israeli central bank.


To the Survey of the Financial Services Agency insurance sales

2014-01-11 05:35:00
The Financial Services Agency (FSA), and as there is a risk that insurance sales agency of some to sell goods without the necessary education to the salesman outside, doing improper business, such as finding a report to the insurance company it was decided to embark on elucidation of the actual situation Te.


To support the development of high-performance 3D printer

2014-01-11 04:57:00
Is to bring innovative progress in the manufacturing industry for the "3D printer", the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, now that it will support the development of high-performance printer parts for aircraft and automobiles.


The yen received NY Exchange employment statistics

2014-01-11 01:30:00
Cautious for the employment situation in the United States spread from the fact that growth in the number of workers was far below market expectations in employment statistics of the last month of the United States, New York foreign exchange market of ten days, yen exchange rate is $ 1 = 103 yen I have risen more than ¥ 1 to the die late.


Keidanren focus of next week is spring offensive policy

2014-01-11 00:18:00
Towards the spring offensive of this year attention has been growing, it will be announced 15 days a report Keidanren guide the management side. In order to achieve a virtuous circle of economic, Keidanren, that you come up with increase in allowances and bonuses, such as base up to raise the salary levels of employees in it, a policy to encourage the wage increase in the variety of ways in corporate performance is strong in this we have to.


The United States unemployment rate improved less-than-expected employment

2014-01-11 00:04:00
Unemployment rate last month in the United States falling 0.3 points from the previous month and 6.7 percent, has improved to the level since October 2008, but the employment of construction-related decrease in the influence of the cold wave growth in the number of employed persons from such thing was, I was significantly lower than market expectations.


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