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Economic news(2014/04/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Considered economic measures of local "expenditure special frame" of the abolition

2014-04-04 22:20:00
In Fiscal System Council of the 4th, the Ministry of Finance a proposal that after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, was provided as economic measures of the local for the "expenditure special frame", and should be abolished as soon as the economic recovery as is progressing shows, it is likely to become one of the focus in the organization of the 2015 fiscal year budget.


Ann mandating net delivery consumption tax of foreign companies

2014-04-04 19:50:00
A problem that consumption tax is not levied on foreign companies to deliver such as e-books on the Internet, domestic companies have become disadvantageous in price competition, in order to ensure the fairness of the tax burden, Government Tax Commission overseas companies It is now that it summarizes the proposed revision of the system requiring the tax to, proceed to a discussion aimed at tax reform of 27 fiscal year.


The call display total cooperation in gasoline prices

2014-04-04 18:34:00
For display of prices due to the increase in the consumption tax rate, gas stations most of them on a gross, including the consumption tax, but because it is hard to understand the drivers some companies have displayed in tax, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry It was called for cooperation to the total display such as through industry associations.


Drops modest share price

2014-04-04 17:01:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 4th, trading aggressive is refrain from going to want to assess the economy of the United States or are recovering well, stock prices became a modest drops.


Reform Act of trade insurance system expansion is passed-established

2014-04-04 16:35:00
If Japanese companies operating abroad was forced to temporary interruption of business by riots and terrorism, to expand the system of trade insurance so that the loss is compensated "revised Trade Insurance Law", Upper House plenary of the 4th passed by a majority vote at a meeting, I was satisfied.


The policy of greatly expanding the Seven-Eleven high price range

2014-04-04 14:59:00
Convenience largest "Sebunirebun Japan" is likely to also affect the pricing strategy of retail companies that announced a policy of greatly expanded products of high-priced out of their own brand, has been waging a low-price competition ever is.


For the second consecutive year that car was the best selling last year "Aqua"

2014-04-04 14:06:00
car last year, it was the best-selling in Japan in 25 fiscal year results for the second consecutive year a small hybrid car Toyota in "Aqua", all of the 10 models higher order becomes a light car and hybrid vehicles, popular gather to fuel-efficient cars became.


"Now is a crucial moment" different dimension easing by the Bank of Japan

2014-04-04 11:49:00
In conference after the cabinet meeting, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance and the "ought price also rises, it is evaluated economic growth also continued" for monetary easing massive Bank of Japan became the first year in the 4th did on, what able to increase the funding requirements of the private sector towards deflation, has shown a recognition now that's a crucial moment.


I encourage decision to Japan in the United States Trade Representative TPP

2014-04-04 07:48:00
In around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, in the congressional hearing, did on "gap is left in the agricultural sector," said consultations with Japan, Froment Trade Representative of the United States towards the liberalization of the high level I was prompted the decision to Japan Te.


To Windows mobile devices free of

2014-04-04 07:19:00
It announced it will provide free of charge to developers the basic software of the tablet terminal for smartphones and the "Windows", IT company Microsoft in the United States, showed the idea of ​​promoting catch-up in the field of mobile terminal late.


Updated one o'clock highest month or the first time in NY Dow 3

2014-04-04 06:48:00
The New York stock market three days, temporary Dow Jones average has updated the maximum value of time during trading hours the first time in a month or approximately 3 against the background of the expectations of the recovery of the world economy.


To car insurance price increases in the consumption tax increase

2014-04-04 05:38:00
From that the increase in the consumption tax rate, repair costs of broken car in a traffic accident increases, NKSJ group of property and casualty insurance giant, has solidified a policy to raise more than 2% on average auto insurance premiums. It is the form that originally, the impact of consumption tax increases lasted premiums tax-exempt.


Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ union non-regular admit join

2014-04-04 02:03:00
Among the disparity of treatment of non-regular employees and regular employees become social issues, the first time in the union of the major banks, trade unions, "Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ" is to join a non-regular employees working in such window of a store It was decided to consolidate the policy to admit, we aim to improve treatment of the whole workplace.


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