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Economic news(2014/05/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Number of employed persons 6.3% unemployment rate United States also greatly increase

2014-05-02 22:47:00
Employment statistics of the last month of the United States was announced, the unemployment rate falling 0.4 points from the previous month at 6.3%, in addition to was improved to the lowest level in September since 2008, the so-called Lehman shock has occurred, workers number was also improved greatly exceeded market expectations.


Impact concern to Ukraine Asia Economic

2014-05-02 21:42:00
Noting Ukraine situation to a press conference in Kazakhstan in Central Asia, which the General Assembly will be held from the 4th to tense and could affect the economy of Asia, Nakao President of the Asian Development Bank, is necessary to the future, we will watch carefully I showed the idea that.


To finance the expansion of the Asian Development Bank to developing countries

2014-05-02 19:09:00
In order to boost the economic growth of developing countries in the Asia Pacific Ocean region, the Asian Development Bank, announced its plans to increase 20% the amount that can be financed, such as infrastructures, to expand to $ 15 billion per year.


Price movements modest yen exchange rate of the 2nd

2014-05-02 18:10:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 2nd, trading aggressive is refrain from going to want to assess the future of the American economy, the yen has become a modest price movements.


Agreed Yachiyo silver management integration and Tokyo Tomin silver

2014-05-02 17:32:00
In order to strengthen the management foundation, the regional bank headquartered in Tokyo as "Tokyo Tomin Bank," "Yachiyo" was finally agreed to management integration in October this year.


Price movements modest closing stock price on the 2nd

2014-05-02 16:00:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 2nd, trading aggressive is refrain from going to want to assess the future of the American economy, stock prices became a modest price movements.


Briefings to the nation's first company Sendai airport privatization

2014-05-02 12:24:00
Towards the privatization of Sendai airport will be the first in the nation, the 2nd, briefings for organizations that are considering a bid in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was opened.


I continued past the best update funding amount of the Bank of Japan

2014-05-02 11:23:00
indicate the amount of money that the Bank of Japan is supplying to the market "monetary base", and 225 trillion yen over, was a record high in the third consecutive month of the end of last month by monetary easing massive toward deflation .


Plus 8.1% of the United States new vehicle sales in April

2014-05-02 11:11:00
Last month in the United States, and from that sales were strong around the large vehicles, sales of new cars in April, became a plus of 8.1 percent compared to the same month of the previous year.


"The conclusion of the next year EPA with the EU," Prime Minister

2014-05-02 06:46:00
Early in the morning the 2nd of Japan time, the speech at a dinner party an international financial center of the "City" sponsored by the EPA = economic partnership agreement with the EU = European Union and Japan, Prime Minister Abe that visited the UK next year I showed the idea of ​​aiming the conclusion of the negotiations.


TPP Japan-US consultations US Trade Representative "turning point"

2014-05-02 05:53:00
Talks about Japan and the United States over the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, Froment Trade Representative of the United States in the hearing of Senate shows recognition have not yet been agreed but that reached the milestone through the Japan-US summit meeting last month, I showed a willingness to acceleration of future negotiations.


Policy to increase the officer of Mizuho Bank woman

2014-05-02 04:19:00
In order to make the management point of view of women, of the big banks, "Mizuho Bank" was to clarify the policy that increase the number of officers of women every year.


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