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Economic news(2014/06/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

A reduction in funding the corporate tax increased revenue

2014-06-09 21:01:00
For effective tax rate of corporate tax, Sakakibara chairman of Keidanren, showed the future, to take advantage also of the expected increase in tax revenue in the economic recovery, it should be realized as soon as possible cuts at a press conference on the 9th.


Month the first time rise or street corner business index 2

2014-06-09 16:38:00
From such as that voice in such department stores and supermarkets, sales depressed once in a consumption tax rate hike and is recovering has been received many, economic hear the feeling of the economy to the people working at the scene of last month "Economy Watchers Survey" index indicating the current state of the rose or the first time in months 2.


Highs of the month the first time in about three closing stock price

2014-06-09 15:47:00
Order out to buy from the fact that expectations for the future of the American economy is growing Tokyo stock market of the 9th, stock price has risen.


Low level of 57 years since the current account of Showa April

2014-06-09 11:14:00
Of April this year to indicate whether earned much in such financial transactions and trade with foreign countries "current account", and the like that the amount of the trade deficit has expanded under the influence of the depreciation of the yen, the amount of current account surplus in the previous year decreased by 76% compared to the same month of, It was a low level of 57 years since Showa as April.


January-March GDP growth revised upward

2014-06-09 11:05:00
The revised value of GDP = gross domestic product from January to March this year, from the fact that growth in consumer spending and corporate capital investment has expanded, the growth rate of real in terms of an annual rate next to plus 6.7%, It has been 0.8 percentage point upward revision from the preliminary stage of last month.


"The can also be provided without consent" big data

2014-06-09 09:33:00
Study Group of the government that aims to amendment incorporating the rules of order to promote the use of big data while considering the privacy of the "Personal Information Protection Act," when you have processed the data "individuals so that they are not specific We have documented the draft of the Charter was to be such as "can be provided to a third party without the consent of the person.


Movement activation to use a small camera to the safety of the car

2014-06-09 06:24:00
Among the safety features of the car, such as automatic braking increases, among manufacturers of automotive, etc. is displayed on the monitor can be captured by the camera where difficult to see from the driver's seat, the development of equipment that can be safety checked using the small camera has become active.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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