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Economic news(2014/06/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Obligation to Notify enactment of legislation to eel farmers

2014-06-20 23:58:00
Order to resource conservation of eel, incorporating such that mandate notification to country farmers "Inland Fisheries Promotion Act" was passed, established unanimously by the House of Councilors plenary session of the 20th.


Investment to increase cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Buddha heavy electric major

2014-06-20 20:47:00
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which had proposed a partnership leading heavy electrical France and "Alstom", announced to counter the leading manufacturer in the United States that aims to partner with this company, and raised the proposal and to increase the amount of investment .


Deferred a "gradual recovery" economic decision

2014-06-20 18:01:00
About the current state of the economy, consumer spending fell in the consumption tax hike is getting to recovery, a gradual recovery is continuing in the monthly economic report of the month, although weak movement and production of the company as seen, the government three months I showed the same decision in a row.


By the end of the year the Agriculture Minister cooperatives reform-related bills

2014-06-20 16:56:00
Since the meeting of the ministers for determining the agricultural policies of the government which was held on the 20th, to review the organization of JA Zenchu ​​= Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, which has been the focus of agricultural cooperatives reform, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is a bill to related and clarified the policy to put together this year.


Price movements modest share price

2014-06-20 16:44:00
While the order is out selling trying to secure profits from wariness to the rise in the share price of this place, also order out to buy from, such as expectations for the future of the American economy, the Tokyo stock market of the 20th, a modest price movements stock price became.


Drilling to investigate whether methane hydrate

2014-06-20 16:04:00
In the seabed in the vicinity of the Oki in Shimane Prefecture and off the coast of Akita and Yamagata, the structure of the geology that might be expected as domestic natural gas resources of the future "methane hydrate" exists is confirmed, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, now that you get to drilling serious investigation from next week off the coast of Akita and Yamagata Of this.


Softbank to residential power entry

2014-06-20 15:54:00
The 20th, at the shareholders' meeting which was held in Tokyo, Masayoshi Son, president of Softbank has revealed the idea to enter the retail business of power for the home to be liberalized in two years later.


The lump sum payment of severe in the "white spot" victim

2014-06-20 15:04:00
Problem symptoms that skin is white mottled to users of cosmetics who sang of Kanebo cosmetics "whitening effect" came out, against approximately 4000 people it is determined symptoms and heavy, The company Ya part of the alimony It was decided to pay as a lump sum the temporary disability compensation.


To 11.6 billion yen voluntary tax payment Sapporo liquor tax

2014-06-20 12:24:00
Major beer manufacturer "Sapporo Holdings", is a commodity to be released as a third beer liquor tax is low, then withdrew the production in the wake of the inquiry from the national tax authorities, as there is a possibility of hitting commodity liquor tax is high, liquor tax I have firm policies that pay voluntarily extra minutes, approximately 11.6 billion yen.


To consider, such as spill prevention fine hike in trade secret

2014-06-20 06:08:00
Order to strengthen measures to prevent the outflow of trade secrets and other advanced technology, government, outline incorporating such that you consider raising the penalties for individuals who have illegally obtained the trade secrets of the "Intellectual Property Strategic Plan" I have put together a proposal.


Also compensated by the JBA chairman net banking damage

2014-06-20 00:00:00
At a press conference on the 19th, if it were damaged companies and are deprived of their deposits illegally in Internet banking, making a compensation if they take adequate safety precautions to get there plains chairman of the Japanese Bankers Association I showed the idea.


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