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Economic news(2014/06/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Toshiba New services and T point

2014-06-22 16:31:00
In an attempt to concatenate to the sales recovery of television, the major electronics manufacturers "Toshiba", in partnership with card management company is known for "T point", point of view and show that the company recommends using the Internet on TV Toshiba I started a new service that Tamar.


To take advantage of strengthening women Nissan dealer

2014-06-22 11:21:00
Among women drivers is increased, it was decided to Nissan and'll let you increase the visit to the dealer, to begin efforts to increase the salesperson and mechanic of women residing in dealers nationwide.


Proposed acceptance of Buddha Alstom GE

2014-06-22 10:38:00
In around the Alstom leading heavy electrical France, in response, such as GE = General Electric of the United States and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from proposed a capital tie-up one after another, Alstom Open the Board of Directors, and I decided to accept the proposal of GE were.


Raw materials of plastic "petroleum" accelerated

2014-06-22 04:16:00
In between chemical manufacturers in Japan, the movement to convert to natural gas from oil and raw materials such as plastic that is used for auto parts of "petroleum" has been accelerated by a high crude oil prices.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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