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Economic news(2014/06/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Council was established to proper use of 3D printer

2014-06-28 18:16:00
It is now that 11 companies, including Studio tour a 3D printer that can make even such as handguns have been a problem, the relationship creates a council anew and begin efforts calling for proper use.


Consider the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications obligations of SIM unlock

2014-06-28 16:48:00
You do not use the terminal "SIM lock" is, as has been to contribute to a more expensive fee for mobile phone company other than the user of the cellular phone was initially contract, for each company the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "SIM lock I am studying in the direction requiring the release of ".


Fear of default again Argentina

2014-06-28 12:20:00
For that Argentina had defaulted in 2001, trying to repay the debt to the only investor in accordance with the reduction of debt, was credited to the bank, ignoring the decision of the court of the United States, the courts of New York, these Amid it ordered to return the money to the bank as a method not allowed, payment deadline is approaching the 30th this month, fear that Argentina fall into default again has been pointed out.


Negotiations in earnest with other companies in the thermal power plant TEPCO rebuilding

2014-06-28 11:26:00
In order to reduce the electricity rates to reduce the cost of thermal power generation, it is considering the rebuilding of power plants aging and joint procurement of fuel in partnership with other companies, TEPCO, has been lined up as a partner It is made to full-scale negotiations centering on Tokyo Gas and Chubu Electric Power.


Intense negotiations in East Asia Comprehensive Economic Partnership tariff reduction

2014-06-28 10:53:00
Of negotiations of economic partnership agreement called RCEP countries to participate or 16 of Asia is closing in Singapore, before the ministerial meeting of August which is a milestone towards the conclusion of the end of next year, it was focused on the reduction of tariff consultation was held.


Evaluation of the new growth strategy of the World Bank President Japan

2014-06-28 09:19:00
For a new growth strategy that Japan has decided this week, amid labor shortage is a challenge, to evaluate that it incorporates efforts to take advantage of as workers and foreign women and Kim president of the World Bank, steady implementation of reform I asked for.


Daimler to small luxury car development and Nissan

2014-06-28 05:36:00
Major automotive manufacturers "Nissan" is, now that the joint of Germany that is in partnership with the "Daimler", together with the development of small luxury cars such as the North American market, to build a factory to produce this car in Mexico were.


Non-combat areas of ODA military discussion carefully

2014-06-28 04:44:00
Tour of the review was established and guidelines of ODA = Official Development Assistance of the "Charter", the government, the recommendations of the expert panel that helped to areas where military related disaster relief and if not for military purposes also such as they should be allowed In light, etc. or to target said copper case, we have to be towards the Cabinet decision of the year of the Charter will be discussed carefully.


Focus-Tankan next week

2014-06-28 02:45:00
The 1st, Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises of the Bank of Japan will be announced. The Tankan previous three months ago, the economic judgment of large companies manufacturing, had been improved in five consecutive at rush demand of consumption tax hike before. The Tankan this consumption tax increase after, shortage of manpower and the future of the economy, such as capital investment plans of companies is attention. [Main] plan. ▽ 30 (Mon): Industrial production (May). ▽ 1 (Tue): Tankan. ▽ 2 (Wed.): Bank of Japan, price outlook corporations announced. ▽ (Thursday): 3 days rice employment statistics (June), ECB Council.


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