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Economic news(2014/07/03)

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Nissan is building a new plant in Thailand

2014-07-03 22:58:00
The Nissan of major automobile manufacturers, in order to strengthen the production system in Southeast Asia, and to build a new factory in Thailand, the 3rd, the opening ceremony was held.


Improvements to the 6.1 percent unemployment rate the United States

2014-07-03 22:16:00
Employment statistics of the last month of the United States was announced, the unemployment rate improved to the level of the month or the first time in 5 years 9 down 0.2 points from the previous month at 6.1%, 就 of agriculture other than to show the present state of the economy suppliers do the number increases significantly exceeded market expectations, improving trend is now clear.


Maintain the level of interest rates in the past at least the ECB

2014-07-03 21:50:00
European Central Bank, the level of the policy rate now open the Council of regular for determining the monetary policy of the single currency, the euro, as such there is a need to assess the effect of monetary easing unusual that was introduced last month, has been in the past at least It was decided to keep the.


JR Shibuya Station number of passengers falls to fifth place

2014-07-03 20:55:00
By Shibuya Station of the JR East stations, was third in the '19 consecutive number of passengers were knotted Fukutoshin Line and the Tokyu Toyoko Line, from the customer flows in the subway, it becomes fifth place last year directly below.


2 trillion yen lower than expected in the government bond issuance increased tax revenue

2014-07-03 18:17:00
At the closing of the country last year, and from that tax revenue has increased by improvement in corporate earnings, issuance of government bonds hitting the debt was reduced 2 trillion yen than expected.


Sony consumer electronics show exhibitors send-off study

2014-07-03 17:05:00
As part of the cost reduction, Sony expected financial results for the year is a final deficit of 2 consecutive years, has been studying in the direction forego exhibitors this year in consumer electronics show in the country's largest.


Confidence of individuals or influence deterioration consumption tax increase

2014-07-03 16:48:00
I can be seen in a survey that the Bank of Japan went to target individuals across the country, and that the percentage of people who answered the economy has become worse is increased from the survey of three months ago, the increase in spending due to the increase in the consumption tax rate is affected .


Exchange meeting in Tokyo cooperation is large companies and venture

2014-07-03 16:27:00
The 3rd, exchange meeting a large-scale search for large companies that can cooperate in product development, such as funding and towards business expansion venture companies was held in Tokyo.


Management integration and approval DWANGO KADOKAWA

2014-07-03 15:16:00
Extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to operate video distribution site, the Nico Nico Douga of "DWANGO" was held on the 3rd, proposal for the management integration deals with a wide range of animation and publishing, such as movies and "KADOKAWA" is approved, in October this year It is now that the new company was integrated inaugurated.


Prospects for domestic travel record this summer

2014-07-03 14:35:00
JTB of major travel company, is expected to and approximately 76.39 million people in the estimates, people who go out to the domestic travel of one or more nights during the period until the end of next month from the middle of this month to reflect the recovery of the economy increased by far the most I was announced.


Without FRB chairman zero rate shifts

2014-07-03 06:24:00
Ieren chairman of FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States is related to that voice prolonged zero interest rate policy leads to and rising stock prices in the United States, it is concerned about the bubble part is out, we showed the recognition must have sufficient warning to the conditions in the financial markets, but that it is not necessary to convert the zero interest rate policy at the moment.


To nuclear power plant orders in Toshiba Bulgaria

2014-07-03 03:26:00
It was a prospect that group company major electronics manufacturers of "Toshiba" is orders at 500 billion yen approximately 1 nuclear power plant in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe.


Lawson entrants aim to recruiting industry?

2014-07-03 02:15:00
Amid labor shortage is increasingly serious in the retail industry, in order to recruit in bulk personnel want to work at a convenience store, a major convenience store chain "Lawson" is now able to enter the recruitment industry anew.


Fire insurance Insurance companies consider price increases

2014-07-03 01:07:00
Property and casualty insurance companies, now that the profitability of "fire insurance" is as is deteriorating payment of insurance claims due to damage such as typhoons is increased, will be discussed in a direction to raise premiums even next year.


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