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Economic news(2014/07/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Positive growth of 4% GDP rice

2014-07-30 22:21:00
From the fact that inventory investment and corporate personal consumption grew steadily, in real that was annualized, preliminary estimates of GDP = gross domestic product from April to June this year in the United States, compared to three months ago Recovering from a period before it becomes positive growth of 4% Te, fell to a significant negative influence of the cold wave is now clear.


Business meeting of the luxury daily necessities of Japan in China

2014-07-30 21:02:00
In China, where economic growth continues, in an attempt to expand sales of daily necessities stuck to quality, business meetings with suppliers and Chinese small and medium-sized Japanese companies have been held in Beijing.


Report in the expansion of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Trading Hours

2014-07-30 20:51:00
Compiled a report that incorporates the proposal to create a new trading market in the time zone of the evening and at night, research with the Tokyo Stock Exchange towards the activation of the stock market, and have been studying the expansion of the trading time, this In response, the TSE, now be the final determination whether to extend the trading hours.


Price cut to uniform company-wide electricity rates of September minutes

2014-07-30 18:36:00
From the price to procure LNG = liquefied natural gas and oil has fallen, 10 power companies are now able to price reductions to align the electricity rates of September this year worth.


The world in sales for three consecutive years of Toyota first half

2014-07-30 18:09:00
Sales in the world of the first half of this year Toyota will be 509 million units over the past best, it became the world's top for the third year in a row.


Jobs number of high school graduates is rapidly increasing shortage of human resources

2014-07-30 16:32:00
That the effect of the movement to ensure the human resources to focus on industry labor shortage is growing, the number of job openings from companies that have high school students that spring graduation next year, is higher than nearly 50% of the last year the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare I've found in the Summary of.


Rise a modest share price

2014-07-30 15:53:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 30th, orders went out to buy from expectations for company performance, but going to want to assess the such as the contents of important economic indicators in the United States, stock prices a modest rise transactions aggressive is ahead became.


Drops in two consecutive weeks gasoline prices

2014-07-30 15:19:00
From the fact that crude oil prices have fallen recently, it becomes 169.6 yen at the national average per liter, retail price of regular gasoline this week, has fallen in two consecutive weeks.


Consecutive month increase or domestic automobile production 10

2014-07-30 14:08:00
And 809,000 units over, it exceeded 6 percent the same month of the previous year, the number of cars last month, in June, eight companies major automaker has produced domestically grew consecutive months 10.


In the past the highest sales of Toyota first half

2014-07-30 12:18:00
Sales of the first half of this year is higher than 3.8% the same period last year, sales of the first half of the world has become a global top for two consecutive years until last year, "Toyota" is 5.09 million units, a record , today announced that it has become too.


Effect tour hassles of quantitative easing the Bank of Japan a decade ago

2014-07-30 09:28:00
Bank of Japan that the intense debate of the pros and cons have been signed by around the effect and published the minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting of ten years ago, had been going at that time with the aim of overcoming deflation of "quantitative easing" became apparent.


I less than a month the first time in the last month or industrial production index 2

2014-07-30 09:10:00
The industrial production index of the last month that shows the production activities of the company, etc. that the production of passenger cars has decreased, it becomes a significant reduction of more than 3% compared with the previous month, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "keynote judgments about production activities was revised down to "has remained weak.


Negotiations climax you can do to avoid debt default

2014-07-30 06:52:00
From the fact that consultation with the investment fund of the United States to seek the full repayment of the debt in Argentina and continued in the 29th, there is a possibility that can not be interest payments on government bonds is 30 days, if you can avoid Argentina to become default again, negotiations have reached a climax.


Reduction of Skymark penalty focus

2014-07-30 05:21:00
Airline was supposed to review fundamentally the entry plan for international flights "Skymark", in negotiations soon with manufacturers over the review of the purchase agreement of the passenger, may be subject to a penalty payment of approximately 70 billion yen It is the focal point which is how much can reduce the penalty from the fact that you have been that there is, in the future, impact on the management is concerned.


Multiple companies of the organic EL Japan to the establishment of a new company

2014-07-30 04:08:00
Sony and Panasonic, it such as Japan display panel manufacturers, the policy to establish a new company engaged in the research and development in order to maintain the technology of organic EL Japan has accumulated so far and as available and television for the next generation was solidified.


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