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Economic news(2014/08/02)

Kyoto   Hakone

Industry innovation mechanism is invested in the glasses industry

2014-08-02 15:49:00
Of funds to create public-private "industrial innovation mechanism", now that an attempt to concatenate producer of glasses Zenkokuichi, the industrial development of Fukui Prefecture Sabae, can be invested in venture companies in Tokyo, to boost the overseas expansion were.


I spread service "power saving on the go"

2014-08-02 11:06:00
In an attempt to Yobikakeyo to cooperate in power saving in the summer, services for the home to go out to the time zone in which power demand increases, to provide such point of online shopping is spreading in the power industry.


Microsoft sues Samsung

2014-08-02 10:55:00
For Samsung Electronics of South Korea, IT company Microsoft in the United States, was raised in the court of the United States, an action seeking payment of royalties on smartphones and tablets.


The compensation major silver also net banking damage companies

2014-08-02 06:05:00
In response to that damage be deprived illegally deposit in Internet banking is increasing in companies as well as individuals, large banks, to compensate on the condition that the company was a victim is taking safety measures for certain I've decided.


Focus Toyota quarterly results next week

2014-08-02 00:39:00
The 5th, Toyota will announce the financial results for the three months from April to June this year. Sales in the world of the first half of this year is 509 million units over the past best, it became the world's top for the third year in a row. On the other hand, new car sales in the country, under the influence of the consumption tax increase, decrease has continued in the fourth consecutive month until July. Forecasts of the future will be focused.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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