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Economic news(2014/08/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Level maintenance of the European Central Bank policy interest rate

2014-08-07 23:56:00
The 7th, open the Council of regular for determining the monetary policy of the single currency, the euro, amid fears of deflation continues, the European Central Bank needs to assess and influence the conflict of Russia and Europe over the Ukraine situation has on the economy and as some, it was decided to maintain the level of the policy rate now that is the lowest in the past.


Nikon digital camera market shrinking also revised downward

2014-08-07 22:13:00
From the fact that the digital camera market in the world is shrinking under the influence of the spread of smartphones and the economic downturn overseas, Nikon world's second largest 185 million units downward correct the sales plan for the year following the canon of the largest were.


Yen exchange rate appreciation

2014-08-07 18:23:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 7th, the movement to buy a circle, which is relatively safe assets in accordance with the tense situation in Ukraine is out, the yen has risen.


Harsh opinion hike examination of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.

2014-08-07 17:34:00
Committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to review the electric rate hike that Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. has filed an application with the government is opened for the first time, is severe opinion on such as "should improve the compression of the price increase in prepared to cut yourself" from economic organizations and consumer groups was one after another.


The rise 6 days after the closing stock price

2014-08-07 16:18:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 7th, movement to repurchase stocks that drops Become a transaction afternoon out, stock price has risen to 6 business days.


Begin making guidelines discussion of improving transparency of corporate

2014-08-07 14:27:00
In an attempt to improve profitability by increasing the transparency of Japanese companies, experts meeting of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) is opened, the axis and adoption promotion of outside directors to monitor the management of the new guidance making that was included in the growth strategy of the government discussion began.


The new CEO to the mobile phone company Softbank subsidiary

2014-08-07 11:11:00
Sprint is a leading mobile phone company in the United States under the umbrella of a major telecommunications company Softbank, broke off a takeover negotiations for the mobile giant of another, and has been appointed Marcelo Kuraure Mr. subsidiary president of Softbank new CEO = Chief Executive Officer It is now that it announced, to achieve the leverage of management in the new regime.


And to consultation aimed at improving also Sukiya working hours

2014-08-07 04:39:00
In response to that and that temporary cessation 's one after another at the store major beef bowl chain of "like family", to operate the chain "Zensho Holdings", as well as review the one working system of midnight, working for a long time labor has been pointed out We are in that future, to promote consultation for improvement with the labor union side about the time.


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