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Economic news(2014/08/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Reduced rate of decline of China producer price index

2014-08-09 15:53:00
In China, last month, the producer price index, which shows the price movements of the time for companies to ship the product becomes a decrease of 0.9 percent compared to the same month of last year, the rate of decline or 4 in the background and economic measures of government I shrank consecutive month.


NY stock market rose significantly in Iraq bombing

2014-08-09 06:50:00
The New York stock market of the 8th, buy stock movement spread in response to that American forces were bombing in northern Iraq, pose a political American as such became clear, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price is $ 180 or more I have risen significantly.


Japan auto sales strong in China struggled

2014-08-09 01:42:00
Last month in China, increased 6.7 percent compared with the same month of last year, expansion has continued automobile market of China, sales of new cars in July, and intensifying price competition with Western bias Japanese cars at and dropped the market share, has struggled conspicuous.


June quarter GDP focus of next week

2014-08-09 00:24:00
The 13th. Preliminary estimates of GDP = gross domestic product from April to June this year will be announced. From and that consumer spending fell significantly in reaction to the rush demand of consumption tax increase before, growth rate of real is in terms of an annual rate, and research firm in the private sector to a significant decline of 9% base minus 6 percent minus We are expected to be. On the other hand, if you are predicting the economy of the July-September that Prime Minister Abe is one of the decisions towards raising to 10% consumption tax rate and towards the recovery, announced the contents of the 13th will be focused .


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