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Economic news(2014/08/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

United States housing starts month the first time a large increase or 3

2014-08-19 23:19:00
And approximately 1.09 million units on an annual basis, it becomes positive in the month or the first time in 3 increased 15.7% from the previous month, housing starts last month in the United States, surpassed larger market expectations.


Citibank retail business review

2014-08-19 22:13:00
Japanese subsidiary of the leading financial group in the United States "Citibank" is also as a difficult to raise enough revenue for the business of retail in Japan, to withdraw from this business for a transfer of the branch offices to other banks it was found that it was a firm policy, including, review significantly.


Japan three companies disposed of in China antitrust

2014-08-19 21:31:00
Was announced as there was a violation of the Antimonopoly Law in the automotive market in China three companies such as NSK automotive parts manufacturer, and got a punishment from the Chinese authorities.


Additional measures in damage takeover LINE

2014-08-19 21:11:00
Maker app for exchanging messages in smartphone "LINE", from the fact that damage to be ripped off and electronic money friends account that indicates the user is compromised is one after another, and when someone is logged on a computer, I started a new measures to notify a warning to the user's smartphone.


Experience Tokyo for children app

2014-08-19 20:51:00
The 19th, events to experience the children's app that can be a picture you have drawn on the tablet on the terminal or smartphone, to enjoy a combination of such sound when you hit your hands and my voice was held in Tokyo.


Study the three routes connecting downtown and Haneda JR East

2014-08-19 18:52:00
About the new railway line connecting central Tokyo airport was considering in anticipation of passengers increase of Haneda Airport, JR East, announced that it aims to practice in three routes connecting the three stations Tokyo airport, Shinjuku, of Shinkiba has to. Of these, I have Haneda Airport between Tokyo Station and are connected by a 18-minute shortened 10 minutes or more than conventional.


App contest in Tokyo Metro Open Data

2014-08-19 18:30:00
In an attempt to increase the convenience of the user, Tokyo Metro has now decided to publish the first time as a railway company of domestic real-time data such as the traveling position of the train, to recruit the development of applications that take advantage of this information.


Modest drops to the 19th yen exchange rate

2014-08-19 18:12:00
From such expectations for the future of the economy of the United States, the movement to buy the dollar by selling circle out Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 19th, the yen has fallen to slightly.


The acquisition by 130 billion yen the Hitachi Metals US firms

2014-08-19 18:02:00
And as to strengthen the business of auto parts for in the United States, a leading metal manufacturer "Hitachi Metals", has announced that it will acquire 130 billion yen more than the metal manufacturer in the United States.


HTC is the latest Smartphone introduced into Japan

2014-08-19 17:08:00
Amid sales competition of smartphones is violently, handset manufacturers in Taiwan "HTC" has announced that it will sell to Japan from the end of this month a new terminal equipped with a camera that allows you to shoot a three-dimensional image.


Rise in seven consecutive business days, stock prices

2014-08-19 16:02:00
Order increases to buy from, such as expectations for the future of the American economy is the Tokyo stock market of the 19th, the stock price has risen.


$ 170 or more rose NY Dow Jones Industrial Average

2014-08-19 06:46:00
The New York stock market of the 18th beginning of the week, the order spread to buy from the point of view that there has been some progress in the Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Germany by around the situation in Ukraine Eastern, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by $ 170 or more.


To TPP chief negotiators meeting next month held

2014-08-19 04:07:00
Will be chief negotiators meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will be held in Vietnam in early next month, in order to pave the way to the ministerial meeting early, government, correction of preferential treatment of state-owned enterprises and protection of intellectual property It is thought to narrow down as much as possible points of conflict areas have difficulties such as.


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