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Economic news(2014/09/14)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

To resume imports to encourage such crops in Korea Fukushima Prefecture

2014-09-14 18:20:00
The 14th, Nishikawa, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries met with Sato governor to visit Fukushima Prefecture, after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, for China and South Korea that restricts the importation of agricultural products from Fukushima Prefecture I showed the idea of ​​Te, will encourage the resumption of imports.


To shorten the '10 fire insurance contract period

2014-09-14 17:39:00
For fire insurance to compensate if you as became difficult to foresee the risk of a long period in the increase of natural disasters such as heavy rain, the house were damaged, such as flood or fire, a leading property and casualty insurance companies, also in the fall next year contract more than 10 years was the firm policy of withdraw a new underwriting.


Institutional review of the tax burden of the deficit large companies

2014-09-14 11:53:00
In order to ensure the financial resources that are required instead to lower the effective tax rate of corporate tax, the government, now that it will consider a review of the system that is to reduce the tax burden of large companies that have a deficit.


Loans aggressively future consideration of the Financial Services Agency business

2014-09-14 04:18:00
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has decided a new policy of inspection and supervision of banks. In order to lead to economic growth in this, we have to be determined so that the bank can not rely on only collateral or financial condition of the company of the borrower, to make loans aggressive in consideration of the future of the business.


Kyoto γ€€ Mt.Fuji

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