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Economic news(2014/09/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Meeting after another and economic delegation Chinese government officials

2014-09-23 18:34:00
The 23rd, met in succession with officials of the government in charge of economic policy, delegation of middle Economic Association the day you are visiting China to exchange views you about cooperation for the resolution of environmental issues and problems of the Chinese economy were.


I want to headline economic recovery phase TPP talks compromise

2014-09-23 12:59:00
Told reporters, said, "a problem that must be organized politically want to solve," said Amari economic recovery minister, of five items agricultural products before the ministerial consultations in Japan and the United States over the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement In such as the handling of customs, I have emphasized the idea that you want find a possible compromise both accepted.


$ 100 or more drops NY stock

2014-09-23 06:06:00
New York stock market of the 22nd beginning of the week in an attempt to secure profits for the time being, the movement to sell the shares rise was followed by spread recently, Dow became the drops of $ 100 or more.


Automotive products increase production in Indonesia

2014-09-23 04:21:00
In Indonesia, which is expected to become the market of Southeast Asia's largest automotive sales between material manufacturers in Japan, the movement to enhance the production of automotive products such as glass has one after another.


The recovery in the early hours of system failure sonnet

2014-09-23 03:09:00
Maker of Internet connection service, a subsidiary of "Sony", "Sonnet" was announced part in system failure, services such as e-mail that it was no longer available and has recovered all before dawn on the 23rd.


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