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Economic news(2014/10/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Domestic small jet airliner "MRJ" public aircraft

2014-10-18 19:29:00
The 18th, it was released at the factory in Aichi Prefecture aircraft for the first time a small jet has been developed as a domestic passenger aircraft of approximately half a century of "MRJ" was completed.


To the downward revision in the second consecutive month the government economic decision

2014-10-18 15:19:00
From such that the monthly economic report of the month to announce next week, the effect of the consumption tax increase is prolonged, the drop in production of the company is continuing, the government has solidified a policy to downward revision in the second consecutive month the status quo decision of the economy .


Today airframe public domestic airliner MRJ

2014-10-18 06:56:00
Aircraft for the first time a small jet that is being developed as a domestic passenger aircraft of approximately half a century of "MRJ" was completed, the 18th, and will be published at the factory in Aichi Prefecture.


Foreign investors Japan Ltd. "net sellers"

2014-10-18 06:27:00
, Exceeding 337 billion yen the amount you buy, the Nikkei Stock Average and down too much 1600 yen and earlier this month, the amount last week, sold stocks foreign investors in the Japanese stock market decline trend of stock prices is followed by 2 weeks it was found that it was a "net sellers" continuously.


Request agricultural damage flexibility of typhoon

2014-10-18 05:56:00
From the fact that up to 50,000 hectares more than in the prefectures of 29 area crops were damaged in the No. 19 and No. 18 typhoon to fit so far, for such Norinchukin Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, damaged I was asked to perform flexible and forbearance of loans of farmers was.


Regional banks, Shinkin rising interest rates increased risk

2014-10-18 04:18:00
Among the financial institutions of rural lending sluggish increase their holdings of government bonds as investment destination, estimated that the loss there is a possibility that the credit union or bank suffer if interest rates rise 1% if has increased by approximately 100 billion yen in total , the Bank of Japan has put together, the calculation of the attempt.


Focus of the trade balance next week

2014-10-18 00:10:00
The 22nd, the Ministry of Finance will announce the trade balance of the last month, in September. There is also that the export value was reduced to the moon the first time or 2 August, the trade balance by subtracting imports from exports became a deficit of more than 900 billion yen. Is attention sometimes rapid depreciation of the yen advanced last month, export value is and whether or not begin to increase.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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