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Economic news(2014/10/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

The Kyushu Electric Power Co. to purchase less than 50 kilowatts

2014-10-21 22:53:00
Kyushu Electric Power, had been restricted from late last month the purchase of renewable energy such as solar, but the power generation by the equipment of 50 kilowatts less than such as residential solar panels large to be resumed purchase as it can accept I decided to.


Downward revision of consecutive months current state of the economy determine 2

2014-10-21 17:55:00
From such that the monthly economic report of the month, production companies and that the foot can be seen in the movement of the pick-up in consumer spending has declined, the government has been corrected downward following the last month the current state judgment of the economy. Second Abe Cabinet since its inception, the downward revision of the second consecutive month is the first time.


Japan is a compromise to the United States Secretary of Commerce TPP conclusion

2014-10-21 17:50:00
Noting the 21st, Pritzker Secretary of Commerce of the United States to lecture in Tokyo, unless the successful negotiation of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Japan and the United States have led, in other countries to compete does not could make the rules of trade , has urged compromise in Japan towards the negotiation conclusion.


Months - minus super sales 6

2014-10-21 16:55:00
From, such as that the day lower temperature than normal continues, sales of soft drinks is sluggish, and less than 1 percent the same month of the previous year, sales of the major super nationwide in September, consumption of April this year tax increases later, I became a months - minus 6.


Drops 300 yen more than the closing stock price

2014-10-21 15:58:00
From the fact that concerns about the future of the global economy such as China has intensified, the Tokyo stock market of the 21st becomes a deployment fared nearly, the Nikkei Stock Average has fallen 300 yen or more than 20 days.


I more than a month the first time in the previous year or 5 shipments of white goods

2014-10-21 13:42:00
Domestic shipments of the last month of so-called white goods such as air conditioning, surpassing the performance of the previous year in the first time in five months as compared to the same month of the previous year, such as that from washing machines and refrigerators were strong.


Drops in the Tokyo stock profit-taking

2014-10-21 12:41:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 21st, the order is out selling mainly in stocks gone up significantly on the 20th to try to determine the profit for the time being, the stock price has fallen.


Growth slowdown clear low GDP5 half years China

2014-10-21 11:14:00
And from that investment in real estate is for dull background of declines in house prices, the growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product from July to September this year in China, 7.3 compared to the same period of last year % becomes a low elongation of 5 and a half years plus and, slowdown of the Chinese economy has become increasingly clear.


IPhone6 ​​effect Apple revenue and profit growth

2014-10-21 08:33:00
Apple IT companies in the United States, has become a significant revenue and profit growth in the effect of announced quarterly results of the July to September this year, was charged with the new smartphone.


IBM is to transfer the semiconductor business

2014-10-21 07:52:00
the 20th, IT company IBM in the United States that poor performance followed has announced that it will transfer under conditions of unusual in a semiconductor manufacturer in the United States, to pay the approximately 160 billion yen in the Japanese Yen the semiconductor business profitability is low.


Electronic payment start of the Apple smartphone use

2014-10-21 06:51:00
At the cash register of the store, IT company Apple in the United States, began in the United States the electronic payment service that enables shopping simply by waving to the reader a dedicated smartphone.


Decline in stock prices in Europe Eurozone outlook cautious

2014-10-21 04:34:00
The main European stock markets of the 20th beginning of the week is, drops fringes stock order spread from selling such displeasure with the economic outlook in the euro area, more than 1%, stock index such as the decline in the Paris market and Frankfurt market were.


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