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Economic news(2014/10/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Country increased burden requests from the business community in health insurance

2014-10-23 22:20:00
From the fact that contributions to the medical expenses of the elderly, such as employees of large companies to join, such as "health insurance union" has increased year by year, three organizations economy demands that require us to increase more the burden of the country It was decided to encourage compiled, to the government.


I aim at the younger generation Lexus coupe

2014-10-23 21:56:00
Amid foreign manufacturers to enhance the sale of luxury cars in Japan, Toyota Motor Corporation, has been to put the coupe type of luxury car brand in the "Lexus", a relatively young generation up to and want to expand the customer base.


The new facility of seafood sales around the country to curb Tsukiji market

2014-10-23 20:15:00
New facilities to curb market in Tokyo, Tsukiji, to sell seafood, such as fresh fish caught in all over the country was opened in the 23rd.


Negative interest rates for the first time in short-term government bonds bid

2014-10-23 17:20:00
The background that the purchase of government bonds of mass under the monetary easing large-scale, in a bid of short-term government bonds that Treasury has made, the Bank of Japan, purchased at a price higher than the amount of money to be paid when the bonds are redeemed because there was a financial institution to be, the average yield is now negative for the first time.


Kon experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regional economy activation first meeting

2014-10-23 16:39:00
First meeting of the experts meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to consider revitalizing the local economy from the viewpoint of promoting the local creation is opened, for the success of the "" Local Abenomikusu ", Takaichi Minister build a new policy I said "I would like you to become a Wisdom in helping you.


"Energetically consultation to outline agreement" TPP Ministerial Meeting

2014-10-23 13:04:00
Before ministerial meeting of the country from being held in Australia or negotiating partners 12 of TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, meeting of ministers is opened, as is in the final phase negotiations, Amari economic recovery minister to outline agreement we showed the idea want to energetically consultation in order to pave the way.


Mitsui Sumitomo Trust and silver is to partner with Taiwan leading financial group

2014-10-23 12:40:00
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, a major bank was found that in order to support the expansion into Asia of Japanese companies, we are working the final adjustments in the direction connecting the comprehensive business alliance between the leading financial group in Taiwan.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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