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Economic news(2014/10/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Check the consultation acceleration of TPP difficulties field

2014-10-25 20:15:00
And around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, to have ministerial meeting held in Australia end the consultation of the first day, such as corrective of incentives to intellectual property protection and state-owned enterprises, consultation in the art to which the negotiations are bogged down It was confirmed that accelerate.


Attract customers also open to the beer garden autumn

2014-10-25 17:46:00
Amid foot is seen in the movement of consumption recovery, between the department store, movement to concatenate to attract customers and also open in the fall the beer garden has come out.


TPP ministers begin meeting "multilateral talks also energetically"

2014-10-25 12:20:00
Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement begins in Australia, Amari for economic recovery Minister told reporters, towards the outline agreement of the year that is targeted, Japan and the United States the two countries over the such as handling of agricultural products 5 items of tariff In addition to the consultation between, we showed the idea to perform energetically multilateral consultations on rules areas such as protection of intellectual property.


App contest Toyota in Israel

2014-10-25 08:50:00
We held a contest to develop a smartphone app that department in charge of the research and development of the Toyota Group is involved in a car in Israel, which is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, was embarked on cooperation with the IT engineers who of Israel.


To dialogue held in Japan and the EU railway companies

2014-10-25 06:51:00
Japan and the EU = negotiation of EPA = Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union is carried out in Belgium in Brussels, although there was no significant progress in the negotiations over the tariff, is related to the opening of Japan's railway market, and Tokyo in this year in December in was agreed to conduct a dialogue with both of railway-related companies.


To taxation on dividends from foreign subsidiaries

2014-10-25 05:47:00
Government has solidified a policy of taxation in the country when the order to prevent tax leakage to the company, it has become a tax-free in a foreign country for stock dividends received from foreign subsidiaries.


Focus rice FRB monetary policy next week

2014-10-25 00:19:00
The 28th and the 29th, meeting for determining the monetary policy of the FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States is opened, you can purchase such as the United States government bonds is expected to end the quantitative easing that to spread a large amount of funds in the market . In a statement to be released after the meeting, FRB is attention or indicate what kind of direction for the future of monetary policy.


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