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Economic news(2014/10/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

The downward revision Honda domestic sales plan

2014-10-28 22:47:00
Honda of interim results of last month became the sales and profits by such as depreciation of the yen effect, the effect of raising or successive recall of the consumption tax rate, the domestic annual sales plan as sales have been sluggish than initially expected 100,000 has been revised downward.


Dismissal the Ikawa adviser of Daio Paper founding family born

2014-10-28 22:08:00
Of paper leading "Daio Paper", has announced that it has dismissed Ikawa Kaohsiung adviser of former president at the founding family born.


The local production of herbal medicines in cooperation with Thai companies

2014-10-28 20:48:00
Chinese herbal medicine of demand internationally expanding, amid obtain crude drugs to be blended is difficult, Japan's long-established pharmaceutical company has now decided to embark on the production of local cooperation with Thai companies in Southeast Asia.


Yen exchange rate on the 28th 107 yen stand late

2014-10-28 18:10:00
Tokyo foreign exchange market 28 days, it is going to want to assess the like whereabouts of American monetary policy are reserved actively trading, the yen became a modest price movements of $ 1 = 107 yen stand late.


Also 1 trillion yen investment in Softbank India

2014-10-28 17:37:00
Leading telecommunications company Softbank President Masayoshi Son is 28, according to the NHK interview, Internet in India is expected to spread rapidly, showed a willingness to make the huge investment of around 1 trillion yen over the next 10 years.


To Benesse next month operating activities Resume

2014-10-28 16:44:00
Benesse Holdings, a large amount of personal information was leaked are now able to resume sales activities to win new customers, such as communication education services that had been suspended after the incident from next month.


Tokyo stock market stock price drops

2014-10-28 16:09:00
Tokyo stock market 28 days, this place rise to the stocks had been out a sell order and that trying to secure profits the time being in the center, stock price has fallen.


Situation you do not foresee TPP year outline agreement

2014-10-28 05:42:00
Ministerial meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which has been held in Australia and adopted a statement that "there has been significant progress" on the 27th, has closed its doors. Japan in the future, in consultation with the United States, but is the idea that you want to explore the very limit of compromise, it is the outline agreement does not foresee still situation of the year.


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