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Economic news(2014/11/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Association of Corporate Executives "should take path of fiscal consolidation."

2014-11-18 19:32:00
Hasegawa representative secretary of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives at a press conference on the 18th, if you want to postpone the increase in the consumption tax rate, the government has shown a recognition that should pave the way towards such fiscal reconstruction.


Cooking method review to Sukiya work burden

2014-11-18 17:03:00
"Like family" of overloaded major beef bowl chain that labor has become a problem, in order to reduce the burden of the employee, the ingredients in the set meal of take time to charge pot such as changing the container so that easy as fire, the method of cooking, today announced that it has significantly revised.


Closing stock price of 370 yen ultra-rise

2014-11-18 16:13:00
The 18th Tokyo stock market, become the full height of the deployment in reaction to GDP = gross domestic product growth rate of has fallen greatly that became negative on the 17th, the Nikkei Stock Average is risen more than 370 yen 17,000 the circle stand I was recovered.


Toyota from next month on the 15th, "fuel cell vehicles" to sell

2014-11-18 14:46:00
Toyota Motor Corp., the sale of the general public of "fuel cell vehicles", which is the next generation of eco-car, today announced that it start from next month on the 15th.


Nikkei recover the average stock price 17,000 yen table

2014-11-18 12:05:00
18th Tokyo stock market, the 17th becomes a nearly full high deployed in reaction to GDP = gross domestic product growth rate of has fallen greatly that became negative, the Nikkei Stock Average to recover the 17,000 yen table have.


Rice of resource production equipment company industry position 2 acquisition at the 3-position

2014-11-18 08:58:00
Companies of second place industry in the United States to manufacture, etc. production facilities of oil and natural gas, by the 3-position of the company to the Japanese yen and agreed to acquire approximately 4 trillion yen, amid a decline in crude oil prices continues, the cost It can be seen that there is a aim to enhance the competitiveness we aim to reduce.


Bluefin tuna in the Atlantic Ocean to the quota expansion

2014-11-18 06:36:00
International conference to decide the quota of popular Atlantic bluefin tuna as a luxury food is, as fishery resources are recovered in the Atlantic, has agreed to increase the quota of next year's major fishing grounds in two years.


New team to ensure sales channels of the affected small and medium-sized enterprises

2014-11-18 04:17:00
Reconstruction Agency, in order to ensure the market of small and medium-sized companies that were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, made with approximately 20 organizations such as private financial institutions were newly inaugurated the "market development support team", Ya development of products that consumers demand and has to be considered like the construction of efficient transport posture of the product.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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