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Economic news(2014/11/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

Highest hourly wage surveys since the start of such part-time job

2014-11-22 11:06:00
Last month, companies are part-time or part-time employee the new hourly wage of the average of the time that were recruited in the metropolitan area, is that it was the highest against the background of the labor shortage in 2006 and later was found in the private investigation.


Stock price highest value update in rate cuts of NY market China

2014-11-22 06:39:00
The 21st New York market, the central bank of China has announced the reduction of policy interest, from the fact that expectations of that deceleration to have Chinese economy recover has spread, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price to new highs, crude oil futures prices in the market rose.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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