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Economic news(2022/02/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Seven & i “Examination of structural reform options”

2022-02-03 20:28:00
Seven & i Holdings, a major distribution company that is considering selling its department store Sogo & Seibu, which continues to be sluggish, has specific structural reform options for funds that demand that management resources be concentrated on the convenience store business. I was considering it and emphasized that it would be executed with a sense of speed.


Yen exchange rate Small price movement

2022-02-03 18:25:00
On the 3rd, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate were modest.


Ukraine Situation Major trading companies are concerned about business impact due to worsening situation

2022-02-03 18:13:00
Over the situation in Ukraine, where military tensions continue, there are a number of voices from major Japanese trading companies that are expanding their business in Russia and Ukraine, concerned that the worsening situation will affect future business. ..


Bank of Japan Vice President Wakatabe Achieves Price Target of 2% “Maintaining Monetary Easing is Appropriate”

2022-02-03 17:27:00
The Bank of Japan's Deputy Governor Wakatabe said at a press conference on the 3rd that it would be quite difficult to achieve the 2% price target only by the so-called cost push, which has a ripple effect on raw material prices. He expressed the idea that it is appropriate to continue monetary easing in order to achieve the goal.


Price increase for the first time in 3 years, such as Nissin Foods Cup Noodles Approximately 180 products from June

2022-02-03 17:22:00
Nissin Foods, a major food maker, said that the prices of raw materials such as flour used for noodles are soaring, and about 180 products such as the mainstay "Cup Noodles" are up to 12% from the shipment in June. , Announced that the price will be raised. The price increase of "Cup Noodle" is the first in 3 years.


Suzuki 420,000 units Notification of improvement measures Idling stop malfunction

2022-02-03 16:02:00
Suzuki, an automobile manufacturer, has five models such as the Solio, and it is said that the engine may not be able to restart automatically after idling stop due to an inappropriate control program of the engine. Reported the measures to the country.


Stock price decline Increases sell orders for semiconductor-related stocks, etc.

2022-02-03 15:48:00
In the Tokyo stock market on the 3rd, the stock price fell due to an increase in sell orders for semiconductor-related stocks, which had been rising recently.


Three major shipping companies still uncertain about the resolution of container shortages and logistics disruptions

2022-02-03 15:45:00
Regarding the fact that a large number of container ships are staying in the port due to the normalization of economic activities, it is clear that the three major domestic shipping companies still have no prospect of resolving the global container shortage and logistics disruption. I made it. Soaring distribution costs may prolong the impact of rising prices.


IT major meta Last October-December settlement Profit decrease Impact of strengthening privacy protection

2022-02-03 11:26:00
Former Facebook, US IT giant Meta's financial results for the three months until December last year, the final profit is 2 because the privacy protection of smartphone applications has been strengthened and the Internet advertising business has been affected. This was the first decrease in profit in a year and a half.


New York Crude Oil Market Temporarily rises to $ 89 for the first time in about 7 years and 4 months

2022-02-03 01:43:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 2nd, international crude oil futures prices temporarily rose to 1 barrel for the first time in about 7 years and 4 months after major oil producers decided to increase production next month only slightly. = It has risen to the $ 89 level.


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