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Economic news(2022/02/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Part of the extension of import restrictions on solar power products such as those made in the US and China has been relaxed

2022-02-05 11:59:00
President Biden of the United States has announced that he will extend the import restrictions that impose tariffs on cheap solar-related products such as those made in China, which were introduced four years ago, for the next four years. However, some products are exempt from tariffs, and the Biden administration has balanced the protection of domestic industry and climate change countermeasures.


“Compliance with human rights” 40% of Japanese companies respond to the efforts of business partners

2022-02-05 11:18:00
Amid international scrutiny to see if there are any human rights issues in corporate activities, the percentage of Japanese companies that are interested in overseas business responded to the efforts of their business partners regarding human rights compliance. The survey results, which amount to 40%, have been compiled.


NY Crude Oil Market Futures Price Rise to $ 93 at Temporary for the First Time in Approximately 7 Years and 4 Months

2022-02-05 08:08:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 4th, international crude oil futures prices temporarily rose to the $ 93 level per barrel for the first time in about 7 years and 4 months.


Toshiba reconsiders with a policy of reviewing "3 splits" to "2 splits"

2022-02-05 07:29:00
Toshiba, which continues to be in turmoil in management, has revisited its policy of "dividing the company into three" to increase its corporate value, and is going to "separate only the device business such as semiconductors into two". I found that I was reconsidering it. Against the background of the repulsion of "shareholders who say things", the focus is on whether the revision proposal can be understood.


Aluminum continues to be partially exempted from US-made steel tariffs

2022-02-05 01:03:00
The U.S. government has informed the Japanese side that it will exempt some steel from import restrictions, which have imposed high tariffs on Japanese steel and aluminum since the previous Trump administration. I understand. However, aluminum will continue to carry on additional tariffs.


U.S. workers increase by 460,000 month-on-month Employment statistics for January exceed market expectations

2022-02-05 00:36:00
According to the January employment statistics in the United States, the number of non-farm workers increased by more than 460,000, which exceeded the market expectation, and the average hourly wage also increased significantly. Even as the infection of the mutant virus Omicron strain spreads, it was shown that companies are enthusiastic about hiring.


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