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Economic news(2022/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

[Column] Situation in Ukraine Ripple route to financial markets

2022-02-11 19:25:00
A "market curious" corner where you can understand the movements of financial markets. Every day, the tense situation in Ukraine is reported, and the financial markets are being shaken. The distance between Ukraine and Japan is over 8,000 kilometers. How is what is happening in distant Eastern Europe spilling over into financial markets? (Aya Shinoda, Reporter, Ministry of Economic Affairs)


Mizuho Bank system failure Recovered to some ATM instability by evening

2022-02-11 17:59:00
On the 11th, Mizuho Bank suffered a series of system failures, and some ATMs became unstable due to another system failure. In response to this, Mizuho suspended the use of more than 90 ATMs nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but it was restored by the evening.


Mizuho Bank system failure Recovery undecided due to some ATM instability

2022-02-11 17:00:00
On the 11th, a series of system failures occurred at Mizuho Bank, and the operation of some ATMs (automated teller machines) became unstable due to another system failure.


US mortgage interest rate rises against the backdrop of the highest level in 2 years and 1 month

2022-02-11 10:46:00
The 30-year mortgage rate has risen to 3.69% in the United States, the highest level in two years and one month. With long-term interest rates rising from the perspective that the pace of monetary tightening will accelerate, the impact on the housing market, which was booming under low interest rates, will be watched.


LNG Rapid increase in exports from rice to Europe Is Russia restrained by the situation in Ukraine?

2022-02-11 10:44:00
Last month, we found that LNG = liquefied natural gas exported from the United States to Europe surged about four times the same month last year. As tensions continue over the situation in Ukraine, the Biden administration is stepping up its support for Europe and restraining Russia.


NY Stock Market Temporarily Drops Over $ 600

2022-02-11 09:19:00
On the 10th, the New York stock market saw a surge in sell orders due to concerns over record inflation in the United States, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply to over $ 600 at one point.


US long-term interest rate temporarily rises to the 2% level NY bond market for the first time in about two and a half years

2022-02-11 09:04:00
In the New York bond market on the 10th, long-term interest rates rose to the 2% level for the first time in about two and a half years from the view that the pace of monetary tightening will accelerate as the US continues record inflation.


US January Consumer Price Index 7.5% YoY ↑ Highest level in about 40 years

2022-02-11 04:39:00
Last month's consumer price index in the United States rose 7.5% compared to the same month of the previous year, reaching a record level for the first time in almost 40 years. Is it possible to curb inflation early? Steering central bank policies is becoming more important.


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