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Economic news(2022/02/15)

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Yen exchange rate Small price movement

2022-02-15 18:19:00
On the 15th, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate moved slightly.


Collaboration with KDDI JAL by drone To strengthen service for utilizing flight management technology

2022-02-15 17:35:00
KDDI, a major mobile phone company, has decided to collaborate with Japan Airlines, a major aviation company, in the field of drone business. Looking ahead to the further spread of drones, the aim is to strengthen services by utilizing Japan Airlines' flight management technology.


BOJ Governor Kuroda Unlimited purchase of government bonds “Effective in curbing long-term interest rates”

2022-02-15 17:15:00
The Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda said at the Finance and Finance Committee of the House of Representatives on the 15th that the measures to buy unlimited government bonds announced by the Bank of Japan on the 14th had an appropriate effect of curbing long-term interest rates. I did.


Adjusted to rebuild Calsonic HD, a major automobile parts company, by utilizing "Turnaround ADR"

2022-02-15 17:06:00
Calsonic Holdings, a major auto parts company, has entered into adjustments in the direction of seeking financial support from trading banks due to the difficult business situation. Our policy is to utilize the national system called "Turnaround ADR" and aim for reconstruction while continuing the business.


Stock price declines Sell orders spread due to concerns about the situation in Ukraine

2022-02-15 15:47:00
The stock price fell due to widespread sell orders due to concerns over the situation in the Tokyo stock market and Ukraine on the 15th.


Exhibiting products that are easy to recycle to reduce plastic disposables

2022-02-15 15:09:00
Before the law requiring companies to reduce disposable plastic products came into effect in April, an exhibition of the latest products and technologies that utilize paper and easily recyclable materials has begun.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to formulate guidelines for companies to respect human rights

2022-02-15 12:10:00
With the need to address human rights issues such as forced labor, the government has decided to formulate corporate guidelines by this summer to establish policies and initiatives for respecting human rights.


NY Dow drops for 3 consecutive business days due to concerns about the situation in Ukraine

2022-02-15 06:48:00
On the 14th of the week, the New York Stock Exchange saw an increase in sell orders due to concerns over the ongoing tension in Ukraine, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell for the third consecutive business day.


New lending to help companies decarbonize spread among major banks

2022-02-15 06:14:00
New loans, called "transition loans," are spreading among major banks to help companies move to decarbonization, such as reducing greenhouse gases.


NY Crude Oil Futures Price Rise to $ 95 at Temporary Concerns over Ukrainian Situation

2022-02-15 05:48:00
In the New York crude oil market on the 14th of the week, international crude oil futures prices temporarily exceeded $ 95 a barrel for the first time in about 7 years and 5 months, against the backdrop of growing concerns about the situation in Ukraine. I did.


Sumitomo Forestry to establish a new fund by decarbonizing Forest protection and management at home and abroad

2022-02-15 04:47:00
As efforts toward the realization of a carbon-free society in 2050 are underway, Sumitomo Forestry, a major housing manufacturer, has set up a new fund to embark on the protection and management of large-scale forests at home and abroad. ..


Europe's main stock market Concerns about the situation in Ukraine have increased and prices have fallen sharply

2022-02-15 04:40:00
The major European stock markets on the 14th of the week were sold in a wide range of stocks due to growing concerns about the situation in Ukraine, and stock prices temporarily dropped by more than 3% in the Paris market and the Frankfurt market in Germany. rice field. After that, although there was a move to buy back, the closing prices of major stock indexes were ▼ 2.2% in the Paris market and ▼ 2.0% in the Frankfurt market, both of which fell by more than 2% compared to last weekend, and ▼ The price fell 1.6% in the London market. Market officials said, "Crude oil prices are rising from the view that if Russia invades Ukraine, the supply and demand of energy will be tight. As a result, the market is becoming more cautious about further acceleration of inflation in Europe. I am. "


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