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Political News(2021/01/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Liberal Democratic Party Yamaguchi Election vs. Chairman Difficult to dissolve in line with by-elections in April

2021-01-23 18:57:00
Regarding the dissolution and general election of the House of Representatives, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the election measures, Yamaguchi, is scheduled to give top priority to reporters in Sapporo City in order to resolve the new coronavirus. He acknowledged that it would be difficult to hold a by-election in both houses of the Diet.


National Civil Service Questionnaire "Need to reduce excess / late night work" to 75%

2021-01-23 16:34:00
In a questionnaire survey of "general employees" of national government employees hired this year, 75% of the respondents answered that it is necessary to reduce overtime and late night work in order to acquire excellent human resources in the future. ..


Public pension negative revision for the first time in 4 years 0.1% reduction from the previous year

2021-01-23 05:05:00
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that the amount of pension payments from April will be reduced by 0.1% from the previous year due to the negative wage index, which is the first negative revision in four years.


Vaccination of new corona Government strives to disseminate accurate information

2021-01-23 04:56:00
Regarding the vaccination of the new coronavirus, the government has a policy of working closely with the Japan Medical Association and others for smooth implementation, and will provide accurate and easy-to-understand information so that the people can receive the vaccine with peace of mind. I will try.


Foreign Minister Motegi “Extremely regrettable correction” received the Korean comfort women decision

2021-01-23 00:39:00
Foreign Minister Motegi announced a discourse after the Korean court ordered the Japanese government to compensate for the comfort women issue, and it is extremely regrettable that this decision is clearly contrary to international law. However, he urges the South Korean government to take appropriate measures.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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