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Political News(2021/02/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

Earthquake government establishes official residence countermeasures room

2021-02-13 23:22:00
At 11:09 pm, the government has set up an official residence countermeasures office at the crisis management center of the Prime Minister's official residence, and is collecting information on the damage situation by contacting relevant ministries and local governments.


More than 7% of pharmacies and pharmacists "deciding on a family" Cabinet Office opinion poll

2021-02-13 14:08:00
When the Cabinet Office conducted an opinion poll on the use of pharmacies for the first time, more than 7% of the respondents answered that both pharmacies and pharmacists "decided to take care of them."


Enforcement of amendments to the Corona Special Measures Law and the Infectious Diseases Law Expert "Be careful in operation"

2021-02-13 06:36:00
Amendments to the Special Measures Law and the Infectious Diseases Law, which include penalties for businesses and infected people as measures against the new coronavirus, will come into effect on the 13th. Infectious disease experts have urged careful enforcement of the law, saying that fines could actually hinder countermeasures.


Notification of the flow of requests and orders under the government's "Priority Measures to Prevent Spread"

2021-02-13 06:20:00
In line with the enforcement of the revised Special Measures for New Coronavirus Measures Law from the 13th, the government has requested prefectures to carry out procedures under the newly established "Priority Measures for Prevention of Spread, etc." I notified the flow of.


The government wants to make it more effective than the new corona measures by enforcing the revised Special Measures Law.

2021-02-13 06:04:00
Following the enforcement of the revised Special Measures for New Coronavirus Measures Law, the government will further support businesses affected by infection prevention measures and will eat and drink in light of the new penalties. We would like to improve the effectiveness by requesting cooperation from the store to shorten business hours.


The government's ruling party, Chairman Mori, announced his resignation and watched the response of the Tokyo Olympics and Para Organizing Committee.

2021-02-13 06:03:00
Following the announcement by Mr. Mori, chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, that the Organizing Committee will replace him under transparent rules, the government and the ruling party will be able to restore trust. Or, I will keep an eye on future measures.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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