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Political News(2021/05/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Estimated guideline for facility use restrictions due to extension of government emergency declaration Partial change

2021-05-08 08:45:00
With the extension of this state of emergency, the government has revised and announced a guideline for restrictions on the use of facilities.


Foreign Minister Mogi “Sharing the importance of strengthening an open international order with other countries”

2021-05-08 05:58:00
Foreign Minister Motegi, who is visiting Europe, explained to reporters that there was a great deal of interest in China at the G7 = foreign ministers' meetings of the seven major countries and talks with dignitaries, and based on the rule of law. He acknowledged that he shared the importance of strengthening a free and open international order.


Government emergency declaration to strengthen support for liquor sales businesses at restaurants

2021-05-08 05:38:00
Under the state of emergency, the government has decided to strengthen its support for businesses that sell alcoholic beverages to restaurants, in light of requesting the restaurants that serve alcohol to take a leave of absence.


Government wants to accelerate vaccination with the goal of 1 million times a day

2021-05-08 04:41:00
The government has decided to extend the state of emergency in the four prefectures and add Aichi and Fukuoka to the target area. We would like to continue to control infections by thoroughly implementing measures centered on eating and drinking situations, and to accelerate vaccination with the goal of 1 million times a day.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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