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Political News(2021/06/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Defense Minister Kishi visits a large-scale vaccine vaccination center in Osaka

2021-06-05 20:17:00
On the 5th, Minister of Defense Kishi visited a large-scale vaccine inoculation center in Osaka, where a state of emergency continues.


Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Masatoshi Shimomura How the Olympics should be held "Judgment around the 20th"

2021-06-05 18:08:00
Regarding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political affairs investigation, Shimomura, expressed the idea that it is necessary to decide how to hold the event, such as whether or not to include spectators around the 20th of this month, which is the deadline for the declaration of emergencies in 10 prefectures. It was.


The ruling and opposition parties have a nervous war before the end of the Diet session over a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet

2021-06-05 06:26:00
The Diet lasted more than 10 days until the end of the session. Opposition parties have increased their criticism of the government's infection control measures and are willing to submit a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet, while the ruling party has restrained that the submission of a resolution will lead to the dissolution of the House of Representatives. It is expected that the ruling and opposition parties will have a fierce nerve war.


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