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Political News(2021/07/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Suga "Proceed with rescue work while being vigilant against secondary disasters"

2021-07-03 19:16:00
Regarding the debris flow disaster that occurred in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Prime Minister Suga explained to reporters at the Prime Minister's Office that helicopters could not be used for search activities due to local weather conditions, and he was wary of secondary disasters. While doing so, he expressed his intention to proceed with the rescue work.


Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election Tomorrow Voting With the Outpost of the House of Representatives Election

2021-07-03 18:53:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election will be voted on the 4th due to the expiration of the term of office. This election, which is said to be the outpost of the House of Representatives election to be held by autumn, focuses on whether the Tomin First no Kai can maintain the first party and whether the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party, which cooperate in the election, can win a majority.


Record heavy rain damage Attendance of Prime Minister Suga and other related ministerial meetings

2021-07-03 17:55:00
In response to the damage caused by the record heavy rain, Prime Minister Suga instructed at the relevant ministerial meeting to work with the local government to understand the damage situation and make every effort to take emergency measures. He called on the residents of the affected areas and areas where warnings were issued to pay close attention to evacuation information from local governments and take actions to save their lives as soon as possible.


Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama Kelly Special Envoy Telephone Talk “Green Growth Strategy” Explanation

2021-07-03 06:15:00
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama held a telephone conversation with Special Envoy Kelly, who is in charge of climate change issues in the United States, for the first time on the night of the 2nd, and explained Japan's efforts toward the realization of a carbon-free society.


Tokyo Olympics border measures Opposition sets up a joint working team to present improvement measures

2021-07-03 04:56:00
Opposition parties have decided to set up a joint working team next week, saying that it is necessary to verify border measures for the Tokyo Olympics, identify problems through airport inspections, etc. I will show you the improvement measures.


Liberal Democratic Party Mr. Kuni Moriyama, Chairman of the Board, has the longest term of office in history, “Supporting Prime Minister Suga”

2021-07-03 04:41:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the Diet, Moriyama, has been in office for the longest time in history in three days. Mr. Moriyama, who was deeply involved in the inauguration of the Suga administration in September last year, continued to emphasize the idea of ​​supporting Prime Minister Suga.


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