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Political News(2021/07/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Tomio Fujii dies 96 years old Former Komeito Chief Adviser

2021-07-17 22:44:00
Tomio Fujii, a former Komeito chief adviser who has been a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly for more than 40 years and has influenced not only the metropolitan government but also the national government, has passed away. I was 96 years old.


Atami Debris Flow "All-out efforts to search for missing persons" Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda

2021-07-17 16:09:00
Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda met with the mayor of Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where a large-scale debris flow occurred, and expressed his intention to continue to search for missing persons.


Chief Cabinet Secretary to strengthen the ability to attract customers for the first year of the opening of the Ainu culture transmission base "Upopoy"

2021-07-17 12:42:00
A ceremony was held to commemorate the first year since the opening of the Ainu culture at "Upopoy" in Shiraoi-cho, Hokkaido, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that it would play a major role in promoting understanding of the history and culture of the Ainu. He showed his intention to enhance the ability to attract customers.


Foreign Minister Mogi Calls for the maintenance of international order with China in mind

2021-07-17 11:35:00
Foreign Minister Mogi will meet with the foreign ministers of SICA = Central American Integration System, which will be formed in eight Central American countries, in Guatemala, where he will visit, and will be free based on the rule of law with China in mind, which will strengthen its influence in Central America. Called for cooperation to maintain and strengthen the international order held in.


Foreign Minister Mogi visits Central American and Caribbean countries Talks in Guatemala, the first country to visit

2021-07-17 10:24:00
Foreign Minister Mogi will start a visit to four Central American and Caribbean countries, and in Guatemala, the first country to visit, will provide approximately 300 million yen in grant aid to recover from the damage caused by the hurricane that occurred last year. I told you the policy.


Prime Minister Suga Determined to expand the free and fair economic zone and the safe and secure Olympics APEC

2021-07-17 05:23:00
An informal summit of the APEC-Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference will be held online on the night of the 16th, and Prime Minister Suga will do everything in his power to combat infectious diseases and participate in the expansion of a free and fair economic zone. In addition, he showed his determination to realize the safe and secure Tokyo Olympics.


APEC Leaders' Statement on Global Vaccine Sharing Efforts

2021-07-17 05:18:00
An informal summit of the APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Council issued a summit statement saying it would support efforts to share vaccines globally, saying that the crisis could not be overcome without accelerating fair access to vaccines. I am.


Welcome party for IOC President Bach and others to be held with more than 40 people

2021-07-17 02:18:00
On the 18th, the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games will hold a welcome party at the guesthouse in Tokyo, inviting IOC = President Bach of the International Olympic Committee. According to the people concerned, Prime Minister Suga, Governor Koike, Chairman Hashimoto, and former Chairman Mori are also coordinating to attend, and the number of attendees is expected to be about 40.


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