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Political News(2021/07/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Communist Party Secretary General Koike, Democratic Party for the People Tamaki, "totalitarian" remarks demanded withdrawal

2021-07-19 22:53:00
Regarding the statement by the Democratic Party for the People's Representative Tamaki that the Communist Party is a totalitarian party, Secretary General Koike of the Communist Party said, "Our party is a party that values ​​democracy and freedom above all, and is in fact unrooted." He stated and asked Mr. Tamaki to withdraw his remarks.


Prime Minister Suga instructed National Public Safety Commission Chairman Tanahashi to "make sure to guard"

2021-07-19 15:16:00
Four days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, Prime Minister Suga instructed National Public Safety Commission Chairman Tanahashi to do everything in his power to guard.


Mr. Keigo Oyamada Apology for bullying "Don't be bullied" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2021-07-19 14:59:00
In connection with the fact that musician Keigo Oyamada, who is in charge of composition at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, apologized for confessing bullying when he was a student, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that bullying should not be an act at the Games Organizing Committee. He acknowledged that it is necessary to respond appropriately.


Inappropriate Remarks by Minister of Korea Soma "Very regrettable" Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato

2021-07-19 14:35:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato explained that South Korean Minister Moon Jae-in's diplomatic stance toward Japan was expressed using a sexual parable at a meeting by Minister Soma of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. He expressed his regret that he made a very inappropriate statement as a government official.


Japan Panama Foreign Ministers' Meeting agrees to promote economic cooperation

2021-07-19 08:46:00
Foreign Minister Motegi met with Foreign Minister Moines in Panama, Central America, where he visited, and strengthened communication and economic cooperation between the two countries in order to maintain and strengthen a free and open international order based on the rule of law. We agreed to promote it.


Bill mistakes Measures to prevent recurrence such as utilizing the review function of document software and training staff

2021-07-19 06:27:00
Since mistakes were made one after another in the text of the bill submitted to the Diet, the government has decided to prevent mistakes by utilizing the proofreading function of the document software.


Calling for thorough border measures and infection control at the Tokyo Olympics Government

2021-07-19 06:04:00
Before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics four days later, the entry of athletes and related parties peaked, while the number of newly infected people in Tokyo, where the state of emergency continues, has exceeded 1,000 for five consecutive days. The government wants to take thorough measures at the border of overseas athletes and call for refraining from moving across prefectural borders to prevent the increase in the number of people, and to suppress the spread of infection as much as possible.


Mr. Motohiko Saito, a newcomer recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Restoration, was elected by the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture for the first time.

2021-07-19 04:11:00
In the Hyogo prefectural governor's election, which became a battle between newcomers for the first time in 20 years, Mr. Motohiko Saito, a former chief of the finance section of Osaka Prefecture recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Nippon Ishin no Kai, won the election for the first time.


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