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Political News(2022/12/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Policy to hold 'rule of law' debate at United Nations Foreign Minister to insist on maintaining international order

2022-12-04 14:22:00
As Japan assumes the chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council next January, the government plans to hold an open debate on the theme of "rule of law" at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Minister of Foreign Affairs Hayashi will attend as chairman and emphasize the importance of maintaining the international order.


“In the case of doubling benefits, 40% increase in disposable income for child-rearing households” Cabinet Office estimate

2022-12-04 14:21:00
If the proportion of women in regular employment rises to the level of Northern Europe and doubles cash and service benefits for child-rearing support, in 2030, households raising children in their 30s and 40s will not be able to calculate benefits in kind. The Cabinet Office has announced a trial calculation that the disposable income put in will increase by more than 40%.


Measures to reduce Okinawa's burden on bases Government working group "as early as January next year" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2022-12-04 12:09:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, who is in charge of reducing the burden on Okinawa's bases, intends to hold a government working group meeting in January next year to discuss measures to reduce the burden on the bases by meeting with Mayor Matsukawa of Ginowan City, where the U.S. military Futenma base is located. I told you.


Former Unification Church Victim Relief Bill Liberal Democrats “Enacted within session” Liminal “Correction”

2022-12-04 11:52:00
In a Sunday debate on NHK, the Liberal Democratic Party emphasized its desire to enact a bill during the current session of the Diet by the 10th of this month regarding a new bill to regulate malicious donations to help the victims of the former Unification Church. In response, the Constitutional Democratic Party called for a revision, saying that the current situation is insufficient.


Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary “Strengthening defense capabilities, measures to secure stable financial resources, direction by the end of the year”

2022-12-04 11:34:00
Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Kihara has stated that he will take necessary measures as an emergency response over the next five years, regardless of the availability of financial resources, and plans to secure stable financial resources by the end of the year. I emphasized the idea that indicates the direction of


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