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Political News(2022/12/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Policy not to accept the “counterattack capability” of missiles defined by the government

2022-12-19 21:46:00
Regarding the "counterattack capability" that strikes the enemy's missile launch bases, the Constitutional Democratic Party does not rule out extending the range of missiles. , is a policy that determines the party's thinking as unacceptable.


Chinese military bomber flies between Okinawa main island and Miyako island Analysis including possibility of training

2022-12-19 21:27:00
The Ministry of Defense announced on the 19th that two Chinese military bombers flew over the area between the main island of Okinawa and Miyako Island and made a round trip between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. A Chinese military aircraft carrier is deployed in the Pacific Ocean south of Okinawa, and the Ministry of Defense continues to analyze and monitor the possibility of joint training.


Prime Minister Kishida's "News Photo Exhibition" looks back on the past year, including the invasion of Ukraine

2022-12-19 20:59:00
Prime Minister Kishida looked back on the past year at the "News Photo Exhibition" held in Tokyo, looking around at photos that convey the devastation of Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia.


Furusato Tax Payment Strengthening Regulations to Exempt Local Governments from Violating Gift Standards

2022-12-19 18:58:00
In response to a string of local governments violating the criteria for hometown tax donations and other gifts, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications decided to strengthen regulations going back two years to allow local governments found to be violating the system to be excluded from the system. rice field.


Next fiscal year's budget proposal Adjusts the total amount of the general account at the 114 trillion yen level, the largest ever

2022-12-19 18:47:00
The drafting of next year's budget is nearing its final stage. In the budget proposal for next fiscal year, the 5th year of Reiwa, the government has begun making adjustments to increase the total amount of the general account to the 114 trillion yen level.


Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications to include the cost of strengthening the system to 10,000 "Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers"

2022-12-19 18:12:00
Regarding the "Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers" that move to rural areas and work on regional revitalization, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Matsumoto has a system for recruitment, acceptance, consultation, etc., to achieve the goal of increasing the number of "members" to 10,000 in four years. The government has announced a policy to include the cost of further strengthening the


Next fiscal year's budget proposal Adjusts defense spending to about 6.8 trillion yen, the largest ever

2022-12-19 18:06:00
The Ministry of Defense is adjusting the defense budget for next year's budget proposal to about 1.4 trillion yen from this fiscal year, the largest ever to about 6.8 trillion yen, and the US cruise missile "Tomahawk" acquisition costs are also included.


Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Moriyama's political group Donation income of 300,000 yen is not listed

2022-12-19 16:55:00
It turned out that the political organization represented by the Liberal Democratic Party's Election Committee Chairman Moriyama did not list the donation income of 300,000 yen, which is required by law to be listed in the political funds income and expenditure report. Moriyama's office, chairman of the election campaign committee, commented, "The entry was omitted due to a clerical error," and said that it was in the process of correcting it.


Next fiscal year's budget proposal General account adjustment with a total of about 114 trillion yen, the largest ever Government

2022-12-19 15:50:00
The drafting of next year's budget is nearing its final stage. The government has started making adjustments to increase the total amount of the general account to about 114 trillion yen in the budget proposal for FY2023 next fiscal year.


Reiwa representative Yamamoto appointed Mr. Kushibuchi and Mr. Oishi who were competing for the representative election as co-representatives

2022-12-19 15:32:00
Yamamoto, who was elected in the Reiwa Shinsengumi representative election, announced that he would appoint Vice-Secretary-General Kushibuchi and Policy Council Chairman Oishi, who had contested the representative election, as co-representatives.


Prime Minister Kishida's thoughts on supporting the African Union to join the G20

2022-12-19 14:28:00
Prime Minister Kishida met with President Sall of Senegal, the chair country of the AU this year, the African Union, and conveyed his intention to support the AU's request for G20 = membership of 20 major countries.


Hearings from experts on state funeral verification completed, report to be published by the end of the year

2022-12-19 06:53:00
Regarding former Prime Minister Abe's "state funeral", the government has completed hearings from experts to verify the series of circumstances. After announcing the report by the end of the year, it is expected that whether or not to set rules for carrying out a "national funeral" in a policy to consider future responses will be an issue.


Saga gubernatorial election Incumbent Yoshiyoshi Yamaguchi elected for the third time

2022-12-19 00:04:00
In the Saga gubernatorial election, which was a battle between an incumbent and a newcomer, Yoshiyoshi Yamaguchi (57), an independent incumbent and recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, won the third election.


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