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Political News(2022/12/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan and five Central Asian countries' foreign ministers' meeting agreed to adhere to peaceful settlement of disputes

2022-12-24 15:28:00
A meeting of foreign ministers of five Central Asian countries was held with Japan, and with Russia's invasion of Ukraine in mind, adhere to the principle of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries and resolving disputes peacefully. agreed.


LDP Secretary-General Motegi “It is not a situation of “political stability””

2022-12-24 14:18:00
Regarding the current situation of the Kishida administration, LDP Secretary-General Motegi said, ``The situation is no longer politically stable,'' considering the resignation of cabinet ministers one after another.


Budget bill of 114 trillion yen, the largest ever.

2022-12-24 05:34:00
On the 23rd, the government made a cabinet decision on the initial budget bill for next fiscal year, which will be the largest ever, with the total amount of the general account exceeding 114 trillion yen. With the issuance of new government bonds accounting for more than 30% of annual revenue, Japan continues to rely on government bonds, and as defense spending is expected to increase, securing stable financial resources will become an issue.


North Korea missile launch Foreign Ministry executives and U.S. officials confirm close cooperation between Japan, the United States and South Korea

2022-12-24 00:32:00
In response to North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile, senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke with senior U.S. officials over the phone and shared the recognition that the launch was a clear challenge to the international community. have confirmed that they will work closely together in


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