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Economic news(2013/12/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

How to take advantage of what open data

2013-12-27 21:53:00
The 20th, the government has released a trial version can be searched in a cross-sectoral manner the data of about 9400 types of institutions such as the 21 ministries held by the "Data Catalog Site". That companies and individuals to facilitate the use of the data of the government, it is the aim is to create a new business or service. Where to take advantage of the data or will travel at the public site. (Net news department Satoshi Yamamoto)


TEPCO apply for a business plan

2013-12-27 17:19:00
The 27th, and TEPCO, nuclear damages support mechanism for the government to funded, Motegi economy because it summarizes the business plan over the next 10 years that incorporate and revenue improvement by resuming operation of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, to obtain the certification of the plan I have filed an application with the Minister of Industry.


Highest value updating stock daily

2013-12-27 15:54:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 27th, from the fact that a weaker yen trend has continued in the foreign exchange market, the order goes out to buy, such as stocks of export-related, albeit marginally, the Nikkei Stock Average rose 8 consecutive business days, I have updated the highest value of this year.


Construction costs of TOYOSU new markets soaring

2013-12-27 15:09:00
Construction costs of the new market being created in the Toyosu Tokyo Tsukiji market has moved now and projected to be 40 billion yen higher up than last month bid has ended in failure by soaring construction costs.


Consecutive month increase or consumption expenditure of household 3

2013-12-27 11:11:00
From the fact that expenditures be devoted to household durables such as refrigerators in response to the improvement in consumer sentiment has increased, it is higher than the same month of the previous year, consumption expenditure of households last month that shows the movement of personal consumption, three months I was increased in consecutive.


Month the first time $ 1 105 yen or 5 years 2

2013-12-27 10:00:00
The exchange rate of the yen, the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market as of June 27, drops Island $ 1 = 105 yen a month the first time in five years 2 approximately one o'clock movement to buy a dollar by selling yen from such expectations for economic recovery in the United States is growing were.


1% base 5 years consumer price index

2013-12-27 08:40:00
And from that TV also began to rise addition to the fact that rising energy relationship such as electricity rates was followed, the consumer price index of the country last month, the six consecutive month above 1.2 percent the same month of last year It was a rise. The rate of increase in the consumer price index across the country of more than 1% It is the first time in five years.


Highest value updated at NY stock 6 consecutive business days

2013-12-27 07:26:00
The New York stock market of the 26th, the order is spread by receiving and that economic indicators in the United States were strong, to buy a wide range of stocks, Dow Jones Industrial Average was updated the highest value in six consecutive business days.


Policies to encourage wage increases to performance Keidanren strong corporate

2013-12-27 04:33:00
Corporate performance is strong as would be to consider that you will directed to the wage increase revenues in order to achieve a "virtuous cycle of economic" in a report to guide the management side for the spring offensive, Keidanren encourage the wage increase it was decided to lay out a policy.


Experts concern to working hours flexibility in recommendations

2013-12-27 04:13:00
For the introduction of a system to resiliently time to work in the recommendations 26, Subcommittee of industrial competitiveness meeting of the government put together has been incorporated pawl is no longer applied to the long working hours from the experts voice concern has come out.


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